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How Much Does It Cost For Office Cleaning?

The cost of office cleaning companies in Perth significantly. Small offices pay as little as $685 per month, while larger businesses can spend as much as $2,800 or more per month. These fees include specialized services and deep cleaning.

Cost of office cleaning

Office cleaning services can be costly. Many companies charge by the square foot, and a larger office costs more than a smaller one. Depending on the services and equipment used, the cost per square foot may range from 10 cents to over $2.00 per square foot. A typical cost for office cleaning services can range from $800 to $2,000 per month.

The cost of office cleaning services will depend on the size of the office, where it is located, and how much cleaning is required. Some companies charge per hour, and you can ask if they charge by the hour. However, it would help if you kept in mind that some office buildings are in better condition than others, and cleaning them can take longer than usual.

Size of your office

The size of your office building and the number of employees will play an essential role in determining the frequency of cleaning. Office cleaning companies should also consider the amount of foot traffic the office gets. Offices with high foot traffic need to be kept clean, while smaller offices can get away with less. Commercial cleaning companies in Perth companies will charge by the square footage of your office, and a larger office will require more workforce and equipment. Large offices also require more hours of cleaning and will be charged accordingly.

Time of day

There are a few different factors to consider when deciding the time of day for office cleaning. For example, you may want to hire a cleaning company to come in earlier in the morning before office employees arrive. Alternatively, you can hire a cleaning company to come in later in the evening, after all, employees have left the office. Whichever time you choose, it’s essential to consider the size of the space in question. If you have ample space, cleaning in the morning may not be enough.

Another essential factor to consider is the number of people working at your office. If you’re in an office that experiences a lot of footfall, you must hire cleaning workers often. This way, you can minimize disruption to office workers while also getting the cleaning done as quickly as possible.

Hourly rate

One of the most important things to consider when choosing an office cleaning service is how much the service is going to cost you. You can either hire a flat-rate company or choose to charge by the square footage of the office. When hiring a company to clean your office, you must know what specific services you require to request a customized quote. You should also ask for an itemized list of their services and any special services they offer.

A professional office cleaning company can typically clean up to 300 square metres in an hour. A larger office may take up to 3 hours or even eight to nine hours. Of course, the time spent cleaning an office will depend on the type of service, the equipment used and the cleaners’ skills. When choosing an office cleaning company, it is best to be upfront about how much time it will take.

Square footage

Office cleaning services usually quote their pricing on a square-foot basis. The space inside an office is typically 120 to 150 square feet. A typical cleaning crew can complete this task in three and fifteen minutes. However, this rate may be much higher or lower depending on the square footage of the space. A cleaning crew should measure the space to get an accurate quote.


The amount of cleaning required is directly proportional to the square footage. Larger offices require more people, equipment, and cleaning time. Therefore, a large office will require a larger cleaning crew and a higher rate per square foot.