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How Education Plays an Essential Role in Nation-Making?


Since all the readers of this article would belong to this modern and millennial living world, it is not challenging for you people to understand the importance of Education and the consequences of remaining uneducated at this point where the world is about technology.

If you got to grow and walk with modernity, you have to enrich yourself with the skills that it provides you with.

It is rightly said that when a country emphasizes educating a child, it ultimately develops the child’s mind towards progress, social development, and nationalism.

The Education imparted to every child or person of a nation is a wholesome process of nation-building and the country’s overall progress.

As a nation, we should emphasize Education for each child for our development and progress. This idea of Education for all is backed up with the introduction of tools and technology of the new modern world. Online teaching apps being introduced in our education system has become much easier to access for students who are not currently living under the urban settlements. They can’t afford to enroll themselves into organizations with handsome fees to get high-level and lavish-style Education.

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These days, nobody is unknown to the concept of E-learning. Since, this concept was very well known to us because of the pandemic, like when the whole industry had to shut down because of the strict lockdowns imposed for long.

If anything that sustained the educational industry was this concept of online teaching; however, in the beginning, students and teachers took some time to understand it thoroughly. The education system that persisted in the pre-pandemic era primarily depended on the traditional physical attending class, which is very different from the current technique.

How has E-learning changed the dimensions of the education system in India?

E-learning is a mode of learning that persisted in the provided era but has gained all the popularity since the implementation of this mode as an alternative was done to overcome the ongoing losses the industry was suffering within the difficult times.

Talking about the mode of Education, it won’t be wrong if we address the way that revolutionized the conventional method of board and chalk style of learning, which was once imparted to students. It has made things more simple, prolific, and productive on both sides.

Yes, you read it right.

It has up the game for both sides, students and their teachers as well.

Where it enables the educators or tutors to simplify the teaching process by including less to less manual efforts, it, on the other hand, helps students to encourage the skills of personalized learning into themselves and allow them to grab the concept according to their own pace.

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Benefits of E-learning

  • It provides easy access to a variety of desired and market importance courses.
  • No commute or transport hassle.
  • Learning a student’s own pace is more encouraged here.
  • Comparatively costs less than getting enrolled in a similar course conducted through traditional means.
  • It provides opportunities for professionals to learn and earn a verified degree without disturbing their work cycle and helps them upskill themselves to get promotions at the workplace.
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By considering the above points, it won’t be difficult for you to understand that ultimately, Online Education is the future and is progressing every second. New tools and technologies that are being added to the mode of learning are filling the spaces that the traditional form of Education had with them.

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With the implementation of such tools and technologies, it has become easy for learners to access learning content according to their needs from various courses. The strategies that it applies to reward the students on completing s module or an assessment are pretty attractive to primary standards to get their hands on this form of Education.

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