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How do you clean charge and program your crystals

I’m the owner of Umisoul and today I’m going to show you the exact techniques on how to clean charge and program your crystals to use them most effectively for your crystal healing practice.

why do you want to clean your crystals? so you want to clean your crystals energetically just like you do physically because when you are using them for healing, they’re kind of like energetic lint rollers they’ll collect all that unwanted energy and they’ll be stored in the crystal, so you want to

clear it out just like you wash your physical body you also want to clear out your energy body you want to do the same with the crystals clean it physically and energetically.

How often do you want to clean your crystals so cleaning out your crystals energetically you want to do this every single time. if you are using it for active healing so if you’re doing a healing session either for yourself or for a friend or for a client you want to. make sure that your crystals are cleaned afterwards every single time if you are using your crystals more casually like you’re wearing jewelry or you have a piece on your bed stand or your shelf, you don’t have to clean it as often, you can just make a schedule maybe do it once a month or any time you feel like.

How do you clean your crystals so there are many many different ways which you can clean your crystals energetically, but i’m going to show you three different ways that are great for all crystals and then three popular ways that are great for some crystals.

  1. so first of all for all crystals you can use sound healing.

You can place your stone in a singing bowl like i have here this is a tibetan singing bowl you can also use a crystal bowl if you have that and you just want to activate it. let the vibrations clear out the stone,that way you could also use a tuning fork and the tuning fork does a similar thing where

it activates the sound vibration so this you can if you have a piece of rubber. it’s great to tap it on there i just use my hand but whatever you like and you’ll want to hold it from the prong of the tuning fork and direct it straight into the crystal for that vibrational energy.

  1. we also have the smoke method which is great for all crystals 

If you have sage we have palo santo here or if you have incense you can just clear out the crystals with the smoke obviously you’re gonna light them up first and you’ll clear out the crystals with smoke energy this is also great as you probably know for your home or your space to clear out the energies. 

  1. Lastly great for all crystals is a crystal cluster 

like we have here so cluster is any formation which has a common base and then it has a lot of

different crystals growing out of it that has uh all the different little points and this is circulating the energy throughout so here we have our chakra stones which are placed on the crystal cluster and you can just leave them here overnight or as long as you want to charge up the energies.

we have three very popular methods that are unfortunately not great for all stones and i’ll explain why.

  1. First of all we have the water method as you know water is very purifying it’s cleansing people

love to clean their crystals in water because it also physically cleans the crystals while energetically purifying them as well. However it’s not great for all crystals because some crystals are water soluble so they will eventually break down in water the chakra set i have here is great in water. so we don’t have to worry about that you can just place it in a cup of water like we have here or you can place it in a mesh bag and take it to your stream or your ocean and have the water flow through.

  1. Another method we have is the bearing of the crystals 

people like to put it back into the ground from where it came so you can place it in a potted plant in the dirt in your garden you can take it to the beach and bury it in the sand so this method you just have to keep in mind that the dirt might embed itself permanently in the little crevices

on the surface of the stone so if you don’t mind that that’s an okay method

  1. Lastly we have burying in dry brown rice like we have here or in sea salt

So this method is not okay for stones that are softer that will scratch the surface,also some people put sea salt into their water and this will also break down the polish of the stone so if you have a polished stone the gloss might become matte, after a while so these are three methods that you could definitely use on a lot of your crystals but not for all of them for those particular reasons.

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