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How do you avoid bicycle accidents?

Bicycles are a popular form of transportation, especially for people who are environment-friendly and love to exercise. When cycling on roads, there are chances that you will meet with an accident. Bicycle accidents can be catastrophic as, unlike cars and bikes, there aren’t many safety features. You have to be extremely cautious while cycling on the road with other vehicles around. Bicycle accidents can lead to severe injuries like brain injuries, fractured bones, neck and back injuries, limb fractures, etc. However, if you meet with a bicycle accident in Vermont, it is wise to get in touch with a Vermont personal injury attorney. 

Looking for tips to avoid bicycle accidents? Keep on reading. 

Wear safety gear for cycling: Safety gear and high visibility equipment should be mandatory for cyclists. Wear safety gear and high visibility clothing covering your whole body. Safety gear like helmets and high visibility clothing like fluorescent jerseys are three times more visible than the basic colors. Also, make sure the safety gear and equipment have a bright fluorescent color on them to maintain clear visibility. When cycling at night, make sure you use white lights at the front and red lights at the back of the cycle. 

Choose the safest lanes: When cycling, you must take the lane specified for cyclists. Such lanes are safe and not used by other vehicles. If cycling on a road that does not have a specific lane for bicycles, it is extremely important that you ride cautiously. Do not try to overtake other vehicles or change lanes suddenly. 

Avoid highways and arterial roads: When cycling, try to avoid highways and arterial roads, which are busy with a high volume of traffic. There are also increased chances of finding heavy transport vehicles on such roads. These roads are normally multi-lane and have higher speed limits. Cycling on such roads obviously increases the chances of an unfortunate incident.

Use a mirror: Just like other vehicles, using a mirror in a cycle is a great safety tip to avoid bicycle accidents. Having a mirror lets you know who is coming from your rear and gives you time to control the bicycle in case the vehicle tries to overtake you. 

If you are in a bicycle accident due to the negligence of the other party, then you can hire a bicycle accident lawyer to look into your case. Consulting with a qualified attorney will help you in protecting your rights, protect you against liability, and get maximum compensation from insurance companies or third parties to meet the costs involved in medical bills, other damage-related expenses, and lost wages. Want to get justice? Hiring a personal injury attorney is the best idea.