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How Do Post Offices Integrate QR Codes In Their Mailing Operations?

Now with QR codes being widely incorporated by stores and other establishments from various business and personal operating means, government-based offices like post offices also integrate its use in their mailing system.

And as they help improve the way they track their mails and parcels, many post offices are improving their means of operations and advertising by using an online QR code generator to generate their QR code and incorporating them in their logistics services.

With a QR code-driven community, today’s means of sharing and unpacking data from print to digital spaces fastens, making the world closer to a more streamlined data and information transfer from one area to another.

How are QR codes used by post offices today?

Aside from embedding the tracking number of the parcel or the mail into a QR code, there are other means post offices integrate the use of these two-dimensional barcodes to have a systematic and faster-operating means.

Here are a few operating means that post offices and other mailing services employ.

1. Parcel and mailing labels

Post offices and other mail or parcel delivery services include QR codes in their parcel or mailing labels. They do this to create an option for the sender, receiver, and the delivery courier to just scan the QR code when checking the parcel information and movement.

2. Campaign video trailers

To spread the information on how a mailer can fasten their mailing means with their new post office operations, post offices can integrate the use of QR codes to hold their campaign video trailer and place them in their marketing campaign materials.

3. Social media QR code 

To increase their presence on social media, many post offices in various locations are now integrating the use of a social media QR code to let people know that they can reach them on the social media platforms they incorporate in their social media landing page.

They can increase their social media engagements and followers by redirecting their subscribers from offline to online channels. In addition, customers can reach out to them to report any suspicious parcel movement or inconvenience using these platforms.

4. QR code for parcel tracking

Post offices incorporate QR codes to track the package or mail’s travel journey to ease the problem in getting the mail or parcel you send or about to receive lost in transit. By including its use, the sender or the receiver can easily track their mail or parcel’s movement by scanning the QR code.

With many parcel tracking service apps available today, most with a dedicated QR code scanning feature, tracking the parcel or mail is now made easy by scanning a QR code given by the post office for their receiver or sender.

How to create a QR code and integrate it into your mailings or parcels?

With the means mentioned earlier, many post offices incorporate when using QR codes in upgrading their operating and advertising ways; the next step you will want to learn is to know how they do it.

Through using a QR code generator with logo online, here are six simple steps that most post offices follow when creating a QR code.

  1. Open and create an account on a QR code generator website online. 
  2. Select the QR code type the material or data aligns with.
  3. Fill in the required fields. 
  4. Generate the QR code. 
  5. Customize the design by adding your logo, selecting pattern set and do a scan test
  6. Save the QR code and integrate it into your parcel or mail labels


As the traditional means of tracking and sending parcels or mails from one facility to another minimizes and is changed with technology, QR code technology is one of the tech tools post offices use to modernize their mail or package sending means.

With the use of QR codes, they can revolutionize how postal information is disseminated to people who require its services. They can ease the way people track their parcel and check if it is logged on the post office branch that is part of the shipment movement.


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