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How cognitive walkthrough can enhance website conversions and usability

All of us are aware that usability is one of the important conversion pointers on the web. Numerous strategies out there enable a business to evaluate their usability or visibility it would be really hard to obtain it without the real help of the audiences. Cognitive walkthrough is also referred to as website walkthrough enabling to overcome the bias and limits the website usability

Cognitive walkthrough is evaluation about the usability of your website. Their potential use was to evaluate computer systems like computer kiosk or ATM, though it was used for adopting in various websites. When  you are conducting a cognitive walkthrough on your website, rather than fixing you can identify the user experience of the users.  They are effective since they take into account, the behaviour task of the site.

Once you have such a system of walkthrough there is no need of a feedback from the target audience. It is possible to undertake to an unbiased analysis of a site using an internal team.  If it is done right a cognitive development could be undertake at any stage of website development. If done right  it may be relevant at any stage of website development and actionable insights are provided to enhance the site visibility for all the users.

Yes to a large extent the knowledge that you obtain from cognitive development is limited on the way you conduct it. The more you are aware about the procedure, vital insights are provided to the users to have an idea about your website.

The moment you have an assessment of the usability issues it is suggested that you plan ahead. There are a few steps to follow

The user base is to be defined

How usable a website is depends upon the specific user. It is one of the setbacks to cognitive walkthrough as you will not have the ability to see and understand the site through your eyes.

An ideal way to combat this is by having an idea about the user base. If there is a buyer persona for marketing purposes, the users would be having a lot of demographic factors and this is with your geographical location, niche etc. It is possible that an online marketing tool could target

  • There are small business owners with minimum knowledge and an average reading level.
  • An advanced marketing professional who turn out to be experts in this niche and having an understanding about the industry jargons.

A cognitive walkthrough has to be done keeping all the above points in mind. In this way your analysis would match with the real experience of the various users.

The goals of the user has to be precise

Secondly you have to formulate a set of goals that  a potential visitor may have when they visit your website. It evaluates the general usability of your website that includes tasks like log in, commenting on forums etc.

But it may be used to test, how optimized the website is for conversion centric behaviour. You have to develop such goals based on the buyer personas. Let us understand in details about some conversion centric goals

  • Having an idea about the benefit of a product
  • A comparison of the product to others having a liking for it
  • Being aware about the product features
  • How to make a purchase
  • Upgrading their subscription

Choose the happy path

For any type of user goal that you are looking to test, a list of actions are to be developed that enables you to reach that goal. An usability tester refers to this as the happy path a situation where there is no mistake in the user navigation of the site for that particular goal.

Once you have developed a happy path for a specific goal, a series of cognitive walkthrough questions may be asked and you gain insights on how the design helps the path.

An important point to consider is that you want the internal members of your organization to participate in an interactive walkthrough. It is sensible to include industry experts as part of the process, but the lesser known members would obtain a hang of the same as well.

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