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Fun Things to Do in Indianapolis (That Don’t Involve Nascar)

People say that it’s all about the cars, but that’s not true. Indianapolis has a lot of fun things to do, including an art museum, the zoo, and a theater. Consider looking for Indianapolis houses for sale to see what the atmosphere is really like here.

Indy is a city that is often overlooked. It’s also home to some of the best museums in the country and has an abundance of restaurants, bars and clubs. Some of the fun things to do in Indianapolis include: seeing the Art Museum of Indianapolis, seeing a show at Circle City Theatre Company, and taking in culture at the Athenaeum.

It’s easy to get around the city with its efficient public transportation system and there are plenty of outdoor activities for those who love being outside. You will for sure, not have to worry about missing out on something. 

The Art Museum of Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Museum of Art is a museum that has been around since 1883. It was originally founded by a group of art enthusiasts who wanted to share their love for art with the public.

The museum has garnered attention over the years because it is one of the few institutions in the country that has not only survived, but thrived through all eras and changes in culture.

The art museum is an institution that provides education and inspiration through its diverse collection. Since its founding, the museum has amassed many famous pieces from artists such as Picasso, Monet, and Rembrandt among others.

The museum’s collection also includes American artist’s works as well. All this art is displayed in their building that has more than 50,000 square feet of exhibition space.

The Circle City Theatre Company

The Circle City Theatre Company was founded in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2008. It is a company that has been dedicated to providing quality theatre for the community.

The company has been around for over a decade and they have had many successful productions. They have won awards and accolades from their performances and they have also received grants to help fund their theatre.

In 2010, The Circle City Theatre Company was named one of the top ten theatre companies in America by The Broadway League, an organization that promotes theatrical excellence. Even though they are popular, the theatre is still trying to find ways to grow and improve themselves for their audiences.


The Athenaeum in Indianapolis is a new cultural landmark that combines the best of both worlds, a traditional library and a contemporary museum. It was designed by architect Frank Gehry and it has an iconic shape that is reminiscent of the Parthenon.

It has been able to draw more than 400,000 visitors since its opening in 2016. With over 6 million square feet of space, it is one of the largest libraries in the world.

It was designed to be an interactive space with state-of-the-art technology that would enable visitors to explore, learn, and enjoy. It features a digital archive with more than 1 million photos and videos as well as 3D models for some of its exhibits that are available for virtual viewing.


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