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Explore the Role & Advantages of Using an Eye-Catching Media Wall Backdrop While Organizing an Event

Every high-profile business event has one thing in common media walls. You would always come across online pictures of famous personalities like Hollywood stars or sportspersons posing in front of an eye-catching media wall backdrop prominently covered with brand logos.

From charity events to press releases to movie releases and galas, media walls are undoubtedly a staple when it comes to public events. It is an integral part of an event and considered to be a typical red carpet moment. All photographers love media walls as they provide the right background and help take photography to the next level. A backdrop is a professional photographer’s best buddy.

Many of you assume that media walls are meant only for elite Hollywood functions and celebrations. However, all events can take the opportunity of using a stunning printed wall as an appropriate backdrop for the photo sessions. Event managers and organizers have the liberty to get them customized as per their unique requirements. Custom backdrops are the way to go if you wish to add a whole new dimension to your event photography.

Types of Media Walls

Everyone has come across an attention-grabbing step and repeat backdrop. It is essentially a banner or sign covered with a repetitive logo that functions as the background for a celebrity photo at an event. It is an incredibly popular and effective tool for businesses to promote and advertise their brand and unique products or services.

According to Forbes, 2020 has been a miserable year thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic that triggered an economic recession adversely impacting the overall advertising marketplace, film, and television industry. Now is the time to make up for the lost time. Events and celebrations are in full swing. Media walls are an engaging and fun way of spreading and boosting brand awareness. They are the best tools for free advertising. Celebrity pictures with these versatile media walls are there everywhere, including news sites and social networking platforms. There are three types of backdrops.

Promote the Sponsors: A customized backdrop is essentially the spotlight for investors and generous donors who are instrumental in making your event a grand success. Backdrops are an effective way of advertising sponsors in such a manner that it seamlessly blends with the ambiance and the rest of the function or event.

Promote the Brand: A media wall is best for promoting your brand during an anniversary celebration or a product launch. The sole objective of a media wall is to boost brand exposure. The hallmark of an effective brand-centric backdrop is simplicity.

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Promote the Event: A customized backdrop is perfect for promoting events that depend on publicity and participation such as, galas, fundraising events, and charities. Just like Hollywood movie premieres, backdrops can make celebrations and events recognizable when photos of the event are shared online.

Advantages of Using Media Walls

Media walls add value to events and boost their aesthetic appeal. They help in accentuating event photography. They are great for promoting generous sponsors and expressing your gratitude by having their logos displayed on the media wall. Media walls are perfect tools for brand marketing. With a customized backdrop, brands can easily make a statement. The most effective way of boosting product or event promotion is using brand-centric backdrops or media walls.


Custom-tailored backdrops are photo magnets. They help your event reach heights of Internet stardom. A media wall is essentially public relations, branding, and marketing, all three rolled into a single mind-blowing product!