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Do it yourself green beauty

Tired of talking about natural products? Then why don’t you make one yourself? This way, you will know exactly what goes into the jar. You will know why it works; and if it doesn’t, you can learn from this experience and improve your formulation. Hundreds of brands, big and small, were conceived in a kitchen, and the best thing is you don’t need a gift for cosmetic chemistry or a professional degree to whip up a simple cucumber and clay mask. Once you come to grips with this simple process, you will realize that your homemade cosmetic products are more effective and pleasant to use than commercially available masks sold in pretty tubes and jars.

Choose Sustainable Packaging

I maintain my supply of reasonably priced cobalt blue jars and bottles by purchasing them by the dozen on eBay. I also reuse glass jars from old creams and masks. Mason jars make excellent containers for bath blends and salts. As the jury is out on phthalates leaching into food and water from plastic containers, and aluminum making its way into products from aluminum tubes, I made it a rule to decant all my ready-made and homemade beauty creations into glass containers.

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Preserving Your DIY Skin Care

A rule of thumb is to prepare small batches of skin care weekly and store them in the fridge. Refreshing facial toners can be kept in a freezer to give you a quick mini lift in the morning. If you use a mild natural preservative, such as my own Silver Vitamin Blend (recipe in Chapter 7) or plain grapefruit seed oil or extract, you may store your products on a bathroom shelf for up to a month. Keep a watchful eye out and discard any product that shows signs of contamination (smells spoiled, develops discolorations, or changes its texture).


When you come across a good carrier lotion, buy a larger size. It’s much easier to make a large batch of an upgraded product and distribute it among friends and relatives than count drops in order to safely blend one ounce of a potent cream. If you have a “holy grail” product you’ve been using for ages, you can add active ingredients to it too, provided that they mix well.

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