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Do I need to install Truncated Domes?

Truncated Domes: What Are They?

To warn pedestrians of potential dangers on a circulation path, these domes are a standardised surface element that can be incorporated into or placed on walking surfaces. Or, to put it another way, these domes are mats with three-dimensional bumps, raised that alert a blind or visually impaired person when they are about to enter any parking lot and should exercise caution due to approaching, potentially dangerous traffic.

Truncated Dome Mat Options

There are several options when it comes to these dome mats. However the majority of individuals usually choose one out of the top 2 choices. The third option, which makes use of stone pavers, is costly than the first two and is hence rarely picked in actual life. Truncated domes exist in two basic types

  • Cast-in hard plastic truncated domes
  • Surface-applied soft adhesive down truncated domes.


The cast mat provides a number of advantages, which includes ease of installation. Concrete that has just been poured or that is still wet can be easily filled with cast-in-place mats. Also, to protect the ploughs in locations¬† like winter snow ploughing is important, and cast-in-mat of mat can be recessed. Many manufacturers of this kind of dome have even created a mat that can be “rapidly removed and replaced” enabling straightforward replacement. Molded-in-place mats are also solid since they are made of sturdy, damage-resistant material.

Cast-in-Place Mat Drawbacks

Mats are sturdy even though they are cast in situ. Yet, you need to be aware of a few particular disadvantages, such as location and aesthetics. Cast-in-situ truncated mats rarely entirely disintegrate since they are made of a material that is relatively robust. Unfortunately, due to sun and water damage, this matting can warp and flex over time, creating a higher edge. Cast-in-place mats that are warped present major trip hazards to walkers with and without vision impairments, and if they are not fixed correctly the first time, they may be subject to a costly lawsuit.

Cast placemats typically fade with prolonged sun exposure. This causes unattractive stains that could ruin the appearance of a high-end establishment. If you want beautiful, uniform mats, the majority of these mats can’t often be painted over, so you’ll have to replace them, which is pricey. Some people might need to give their cast-in-place mats more consideration, but if you do, keep in mind that newly installed mats only call attention to the stains on neighbouring mats. To avoid this startling contrast, you must replace every other mat if you replace one for cosmetic reasons.

Drawbacks of Glue Down Mats

There are a few disadvantages to surface-applied mats. Buying the materials costs a little bit more than other mats, but these expenditures are quickly recovered over time. Nonetheless, make sure to spend money on a high-quality mat. Some glue-down mats include sticker backings, which are less effective than adhesive glue-down mats. Glue-down carpets are our top pick for truncated domes.

Consider geography while selecting the truncated dome mat you want for your project. For example, consider using cast-in-place matting if your project contains newly poured concrete. On the other hand, surface-applied mats are likely your best option if you are updating an existing program to meet regulatory standards because of their flexibility and toughness.

Whichever style you choose, Empire Parking Lot Services will satisfy all of your requirements for truncated dome detectable warnings installation on your property. They are a professional, experienced company.