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DJ Johal | DJJohal | Dance to the Full Music on This New India-Based Rock & Pop Duo’s Website

Known as the Queen of Rock, Dj Johal enjoys immense popularity in India and Pakistan too. With her huge hits like “Hum Jeet Ki Jawana”, “Chikni Chameli”, “Dal Main Teeka”, ” Ek Dooj”, “Na Jaar Love” and many more, she has achieved an iconic status among Indian and Pakistani audiences alike. She has been a constant thorn in Avindy’s heels since her very first performance almost 16 years ago. Her trademark loud voice and tough girl persona has made her the cynosure of all eyes. She continues to tour all across the world with her single songs “Hum Jeet Ki Jawana” and “Chikni Chameli”.

Her life-long love for music and dance began when she was a child growing up in a conservative family in Rajasthan. Her father would take her to the local dance classes run by a local artist and later on he would arrange for her to learn the violin after which she would perform at the local jam sessions. numega.net She then joined the Army and fought in the 1965 war. After that she became passionate about music and moved to London to pursue her career full time. She has gone on to have hit singles like ” HUM Jeet Ki Jaana” and “Chikni Chameli”.

Her recent movies “Singh In” and “Singh sa Dam” are sure to be a box office hit in India and have been receiving warm welcomes in Pakistan too. Her fan base has never been as big as it is today and the demand for her CDs and DVDs is through the roof. Her concerts are a big hit not only with the locals but abroad too nicira.info .

Her latest album ‘Singh In’ is a compilation of her older songs blended with new ones. The songs on the disc include ‘Oji Aab’, ‘Bari Bardi hum Sahig’, ‘Hum Zameen Ke Neeche’ and many more. Most of her hits and popular songs from her earlier albums like ‘Chikni Chameli’ and ‘Singh sa dam’ have been included on this CD. The songs on the disc are all original compositions and there are no duets with other songs. The songs on the album cover include ‘Aab Hum Zameen Ke Neeche’, ‘Hum Zameen Ke Neeche’ and ‘Aab Hum Sahig’.

One thing which sets DJ Johal apart from most modern singers and DJs is the sheer variety of songs which she can perform. She can do all sorts of dance numbers from traditional Bollywood to contemporary Western music. Her shows are all set to thrill and are loved by all genres of music. From hip hop to folk, R&B to rock and pop, DJ Johal can cater to all tastes.

As she is well aware, music is all about emotion and the songs which she performs are all meant to soothe and calm the audience. starmusiq The songs on her website can be downloaded free of cost and are available for anyone to download. The good thing is that you can burn the songs on CD if you so wish. In the case of a live show, where DJ Johal must sing, the songs would not be available for download as they would need to be copyrighted multiflow.me .