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Discover how the Best Social Media Ads Will Boost Your Real Estate Leads!

It shouldn’t be a secret or great revelation that the 21st century revolves around social media. Everybody profits from the perks granted by various social networks. Marketers know that substantial numbers of online users can convert into potential customers.

Have you put your real estate content together yet?

Suppose you’re an ambitious housing agent who wishes to create your own Real estate technology empire step-by-step. You’re well aware that content is crucial. So, you compile the must-have ingredients, such as property listings and a heartwarming real estate bio showing off your massive talents. Then, you create your professional realtor’s website and include a RealEstateAgent.com profile. You might give online blogging and vlogging a chance because you know users are starving for quality real estate content!

Ground rules of social media engagement for agents

Rule 101: you must not mix your professional profile with your social media profiles! Actually, featuring endless property listings on your Facebook and Insta profile is one of the rookie mistakes you can make on social media. Instead, we would recommend a more stylish method. Link your YouTube channel and TikTok account to your already existing professional profiles!

Your social network accounts must serve as fantastic platforms to learn more about your community and vice versa. You have to turn into the cool local realtor who is approachable, knows their neighborhood by heart, and has solutions for everything related to real estate.

Now that we got the popular misconceptions surrounding social media out of our system, let’s look at paid social media ads!

What do social media advertisements for realtors imply?

On every social media platform, one can post anything (under well-defined constraints) without paying a fee. That’s what we call organic posts. By 2022, real estate agents have understood that posting organic content exclusively will not get them the big buck. So they started experimenting with budgeting for social media advertisements.

Paid ads must connect with branding organically to function alongside social media presence. Ideally, online marketing strategies for realtors on different platforms will positively influence one another. For this reason, we wholeheartedly advise you to save a part of your budget to invest in paid social media ads. Yet, don’t forget to produce organic posts, either!

Telling stats for 2022 in a general outline

Promoting your services on social platforms where approximately 3.5 billion users hang out daily shouldn’t sound like money thrown away. Numbers and stats speak for themselves. Analysts predict that around $173 million will be spent on social media ads in the United States in 2022. And the number of people using the digital landscape will rise to around 4.4 billion by 2025.

Did you know that the worldwide revenue paid for ads on social networks reached approximately $153 billion in 2021? Specialists predict that this number will grow to $250 billion in 2026.

Advertisers are projected to spend nearly $24.5 billion on social media videos, in other words, 20 percent more than the previous year. Real estate advertisers must consider short video advantages that can effortlessly be uploaded and marketed on Instagram Reels or Stories, TikTok, and Facebook. As a result, paid ads reach a larger audience and increase brand awareness.

How will trending social media platforms affect investments in ads?

The difference in popularity among trending social media starts to show. For this reason, there’s a shift in ad investment from the more traditionally used platforms. This change won’t lead to the termination of running advertisement campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. However, real estate will prioritize financing paid social media marketing on Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest. Undoubtedly, they have become the number-one national sweethearts by now.

Top tips on how to get the best results from social media ads

You should know the trade’s most significant ins and outs before you start pouring money and investing your energy on trending social media. However, don’t expect miracles right from the start! Even the more skilled agents will confirm that it takes some time to see the positive impacts of advertising. Besides, you have to spend money every single day to get there. Since the business is rolling, more experienced agents’ budgets on ads could go as high as $3,000 daily!

Google Ads

Would you believe that Google Ads works for real estate? You all know about its PPC (pay-per-click) system translating to you paying every time someone clicks on your ad. In addition, it incorporates a well-defined targeting function once you intend, for instance, to address specific real estate niches. Indeed, you can target submarkets, such as local communities, neighborhoods, cities, and regions. Besides, you can choose various demographics as well.

One of Google Ads’ most extraordinary advantages is that you don’t require a massive budget. However, a more extensive budget will lead to Google optimizing your ad campaign, meaning more clicks and conversions. On the downside, the competition on Google Ads is fiercer than, for example, on Facebook because you go against seasoned marketing agents. They also benefit from a more substantial budget, so their ads will come up more frequently than yours. For this reason, we recommend a more niched targeting strategy.

Instagram and Facebook perks and disadvantages

Set your ad campaign on Facebook’s Business Manager, where you can select your daily budget and target your audience and location!

Analysts declare that using ads on these two platforms (note that Meta now owns these two mega corporates) is most likely to generate effortlessly new, albeit lower-quality leads for you. Plus, it won’t destroy you financially. Other forms of advertising will set a minimum amount of budget. They won’t run your ads if you don’t invest a specific sum daily.

Fun fact. Most Facebook ad runners are pretty clueless about what they’re doing. They can choose numerous functions, yet few people know how to benefit from these properly. A common mistake is running free (and unproductive) home evaluation ads that rarely convert to actual leads.

The secret life of YouTube ads

Right off the bat, you can target in-market audiences with YouTube ads. This much-beloved category defines real estate buyers and sellers who have displayed a genuine interest in homes through their online page views, searches, and clicks. And what’s a better way to boost your conversions other than first-class video advertising?

You won’t have to work with Facebook’s generic targeting system. Too good to be true? The aching drawback to YouTube ads is that you must be on amicable terms with the camera and everything this implies. Tell a compelling story, show self-confidence, and be funny and creative!


Fact Nr. 1: social media ads work!

Fact Nr. 2: every realtor uses them to get new leads creatively and improve their brand.

Fact Nr. 3: the budget spent on paid social media campaigns shows a growing tendency.

Long story short,  we advise agents to launch ad campaigns on Insta and Facebook for starters. There are real chances that you can obtain leads within a day and even actual conversions! Thus realtors can generate buzz even if they’re inexperienced, not too fluent in modern IT “shenanigans,” and those disposing of a limited budget.

Once you have explored these two, check out Google Ads as auxiliary marketing initiatives. Doing so can deepen your online marketing knowledge and nosedive into a richer and more diverse market. Users will see your ads on Facebook, Insta, and Google. Nevertheless, using Google Ads presupposes a more considerable sum to spend and a more sophisticated targeting technique or niching your keywords on your behalf.

On the other hand, creating and running ads on YouTube requires top-notch filming and editing equipment. Besides, the presenter shouldn’t be camera-shy. We wish you the best of luck with your social media ads!


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