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Cleansing and Detoxifi cation

You would not own a car and assume that simply by giving it oil, water, and gas it would keep functioning effi ciently. You would realize that, at some time, it would need a complete oil change and a service. Interestingly, however, many people do not take similar steps to ensure that their bodies get the correct fuel and care. Yet they expect them to run effi ciently. Detoxifying is like home servicing an engine, a self-help program to keep your body functioning well.

A new breed of people are emerging who are prepared to give it a try and fi nding the results worthwhile. Decreased immunity because of an increase in toxicity is evidently the key health issue of our time and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. But detoxifying and cleansing programs can help redress this problem. Cleansing the body of toxins by excreting, transforming, or neutralizing them frees the body. Every organ and system can sigh with relief as burdens are lifted, excess toxic baggage is towed away, and the effort of digestion is reduced to a minimum while nourishment is still provided.

What exactly are these toxins? They can be excessive mucus, abundant free radicals, fungal and other microbial infestations, parasites, and worms — in fact, anything that blocks tissues and suffocates cells, causing stagnation and the diseases that often arise out of an immunally or digestively compromised body. Free-radical damage is a common factor in chronic disease. Free radicals are irritants that cause tissue to infl ame, blocking normal, free-fl owing function at every level.

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Good health relies entirely on a correctly functioning gastrointestinal tract that assimilates nutrients from food and swiftly removes toxic substances. Because this system creates harmony and balance, it stands to reason that appropriate foods or the lack of them can be the major mechanisms through which the body is healed or remains sick. Exercise, massage, hydro therapy, and herbs have a supportive role in healing and should be used alongside healing food programs and other supportive therapies, such as acupuncture, radionics, and kinesiology.

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