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Christian church Bellevue: What you need to know

Worship of God and the study of the Bible are too much important for a Christian. Jesus Lives is an intense, Bellevue-based ministry that is working by following the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Holy Book Bible. The management runs the Jesus Lives at the concept of initial churches.

The future if Jesus lives ministries

Jesus Lives plans to carry out its mission in the future and organize further services on various days and times. Phil Fischer noted that they are also working to improve their web presence and are establishing teams that will be live streaming. According to Fischer, the most effective way to keep one’s connection with Christ and to remain faithful is to regularly participate in the activities of a church that is centered on the Bible.

Bellevue is the largest city in Washington in the United States of America. The major religion among the people who lived there is Christianity and the people are looking for the study of the Bible and the ways to seek the God Jesus. In this regard, Jesus Lives provide services to people to follow the words of God and to find out the God by worshiping him. So in this article you will learn about Bible study Bellevue with details.

Introduction to Jesus Lives

Jesus Live is a non-profitable ministry that is working for Christianity by following the words of Jesus and by following the Holy Spirit of Jesus. Jesus Lives is working by following the traditions of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

The mission statement of Jesus Lives is, To Spread the word of God, Build discipline, and set the captives free.

All the people who are working with Jesus Lives do according to their mission. They all are working for the love of Jesus. Jesus Lives provides its services and in return demands nothing. They are not paid for their services because they do this for the love of Jesus and the Love of people. Their Phil Fischer, teachers, and worship leaders are not paid for their services. They all are working un-profitably for the love of God Slbux.

All the contributions that come through people are used to serve humanity through food and help. The donations are used to provide shelters to the displaced people and the poor.

General Information about Jesus Lives

Name Jesus Lives
Address 13456 SE 27th PI Bellevue, WA 98005
Contact Number 452-655-5045
E-Mail [email protected]
Website www.jesuslives.com

Working Vision and Mission of Jesus Lives

Jesus Lives serving justprintcard Christianity and demands nothing. They provide unpaid services. It is working by following the teachings of God Jesus and by following the Holy Bible. We are living in a world where negativity is so common these days. Everyone is depressed and worried these days. In this situation, people should seek God and follow the teachings of God to make their lives easiest and happy. That is why Jesus Lives is working. It is working to provide people a way to live life according to the words of God and according to the teachings of the Holy Bible.

The major mission of Jesus Lives: To spread the word of God, build discipline, and usher in end-time revival.

Services Time

Presently, Jesus Lives serves on Thursday and Saturday nights.

  • Thursday nights services at 7:30 PM
  • Saturday night services at 7:30 Pm

It remains closed on other days except for Thursday and Saturday.

How to get involved with Jesus Lives

Jesus Lives is working unprofitably only for the Love of God and everyone who is involved with Jesus Lives are also doing so only for the love of God. If you want to get involved with Jesus Lives then you can visit www.jesuslives.com


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