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Choosing Hats as Per the Shape of Your Face

Purchasing the perfect hat is undoubtedly a daunting and time-consuming task. You can try different types of Women’s caps, only to find out that they look relevant as per your personality. One is too big, and the others look odd on you. This cycle will last forever. Even if you try hundreds of hats, you might not be able to select the appropriate one. But you can change this if you know which type of face shape you have.

Hats are just like sunglasses. If you want to make the fashion accessories look great, you need to choose them according to your face shape. Your face will determine whether you purchase a wide brim hat or a narrow brim hat.

Sometimes women assume that they don’t need to consider their face shape to purchase the perfect hats. This is where they make their first mistake. If you don’t know what to wear, you should consider the shape of your face before beginning the purchasing process.

In this article, we will discuss some common face shapes. This way you will be able to determine your own and choose the perfect hats.

Oval Face

If you have an oval face, you have undoubtedly an advantage over others. Women with oval faces are considered the best when it comes to choosing hats. Therefore, you can wear whatever you want. From pointy hats to women’s wool felt hatseverything will help you showcase your fashion statement. Every hat will blend you as per your outfit and they will look good on you.

Since you have an oval face, you need to reap the benefits as much as possible. Wear the hats whenever possible. This will not only help you look cool but also allow you to stand apart from the crowd. Keep in mind that oval faces are also great for sunglasses. Therefore, you can pair your hats with a pair of sunglasses. You will undoubtedly look amazing.

Round Face

Women with round faces have a lot of symmetry. And do you know what complements the symmetry? Asymmetry! This might sound a little awkward, but this is the truth. If you choose a round hat as per your round-shaped face, it will only look like a part of the face. This means that you won’t be able to stand apart from the crowd.

What you need to do is improvise your fashion statement a little bit. Choose hats that are not round. Some attractive hats such as baseball caps, fedora hats, or regular sports caps will look good on you. They come with different angles that will help your face look thinner.

Oblong Face

If you have an oblong face, you might face problems purchasing the perfect hat. Even though some women assume that only a small number of hats complement the oblong face, we strongly disagree. Since you gave an elongated face, you should avoid tall hats. They will make your face look longer and your fashion sense might appear ridiculous. As per Birch box, oblong face length is largest.

Since women with oblong faces have a comparatively large forehead, your primary objective would be purchasing a hat that can cover your forehead to some great extent. Hats like wide-brimmed fedora hats will work perfectly as they are capable of covering your forehead.

Heart-Shaped Face

Women with the heart-shaped face can increase their fashion appeal with different types of hats. Just like the oblong faces, you will also have to face issues with the forehead as well. However, unlike the oblong face, the forehead is wider on the heart-shaped face. Hats that will make your face look smaller are perfect for women with heart-shaped faces.

Consider choosing a medium-sized fedora, beanie, or boater. They are undoubtedly a great choice for a heart-shaped face. You should also tilt your hat down while wearing it. This will capture the attention of the passers-by as the hat will make your face look slimmer.

The heart-shaped face is one of the cutest faces amongst women. Therefore, you should purchase the perfect hat to complement your face.

Square Face

If you consider the philosophy of the hats, you will realize that the square-shaped faces are much similar to the round-shaped faces while in round faces you just only need to avoid purchasing the round hats; the same rule is applicable for the square-shaped face. In this case, you should avoid purchasing hats that are squared in shape.

As the structure of your face is sharp and symmetrical, you need to choose something that softens and complements the edges. Choosing circular hats is the perfect decision if you have a square-shaped face. However, make sure you don’t wear hats that have narrower or no brim. They will make your face look squarer. If you have a squared face, the hats you should choose are cowboy hat, contact lenses online, and cloche. They will help you increase your boldness.


Keep this information in mind if you want to purchase the perfect hats as per the shape of your face. If you have any other questions, don’t forget to comment below to let us know.