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Chinese Wigs are Favored by Africans

In Africa, you will find that the hairstyles are ever-changing, some are fluffy round explosive heads, some are flat heads that are too short to be shorter, and the braids of various thicknesses and lengths are even more attractive. African women all want to have beautiful hair, but because it is difficult to grow their own hair, they can only use substitutes, the cheapest is wool, and the advanced ones are wigs that are connected to real braids. Depending on the materials, the wig prices range from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars, so the wig has become a symbol of local people’s economic status. As a necessity for local people, wigs have a large market in Africa.

African Hair Braids Tradition

Although African people are of different ethnic groups, their hair quality is relatively the same, and each strand of hair grows in a tiny spiral. Some studies suggest that African hair types may have evolved to adapt to the intense ultraviolet radiation in Africa. The relative volume of this hair, combined with its elastic helical shape, creates an airy effect that promotes thermoregulation in the head and does not stick to the neck and scalp when the hair is damp, which helps Improves human comfort in tropical climates. However, this type of hair is difficult to keep long and not as easy to style as straight hair. Therefore, natural black hair generally develops into bangs.

In order to prevent parasites, but also for aesthetics, Africans have a long tradition of braiding. The earliest braids can be traced back to ancient Egypt, where braids allow the hair to gather and stretch, giving no shelter for parasites, and the fine curls make the braids difficult to unravel. On the African continent, there is a tradition of choosing hairstyles according to age, race, wealth, social status, and marital status. Grooming is also an important social activity. Women get to know each other by brushing and braiding each other’s hair.

African braids have many different types, like dreadlocks. These basic braids are combined and processed in different ways to make African hairstyles. In African salons, needlework and wigs are more important than scissors and clippers, and braiding is an important job for barbers.

African Women are Dreaming for Straight Hair

Braids are traditions, but sleek straight hair is a dream. Because their hair is curly, African women are eagering to have a head of sleek straight hair. And wigs can help them achieve this desire. Straight hair is good to create different hairstyles and also suits a variety of outfits and occasions. Meanwhile, straight hair is easy to care. Therefore, more and more African women are starting to use straight hair wigs and weaves. Since there is no straight hair source in Africa, African women are seeking straight hair wigs from Asia, where is the biggest hair weave and wig production base in the world.

Chinese Wigs are Favored by Africans

With the rapid development of the African economy, the market potential of African wigs is also growing, and African women’s demand for wigs is increasing, not only satisfied with wool and synthetic fiber wigs. High-quality and cheap wigs from China are increasingly favored by African women.

In the past 15 years, more and more website are selling human hair wigs online and deliver to the clients in a few days. And 90% of those wigs are made in China. As the wig industry is becoming more and more mature, the competition is becoming more and more fierce, and there are more and more innovative styles on the market, such as headband wigs, u part wigs, v part wigs, t part wigs, which are natural to wear and the price is quite low. It is very suitable for the consumption standards of most customers in Africa.

Now many African women think that going out without a wig is like going out without makeup, and always feels “something is missing”. Especially office workers, each has at least three or four wigs. “I’m not in a good mood today. I’m going shopping to buy a wig and wear it.” That kind of frenzy is like a girl buying lipsticks. Various kinds of braids and colorful wigs have become a beautiful scenery on the street.


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