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Celebrating Nature’s Alchemy and Fragrance

“While the plant is growing, an enormous amount of electrical or vital energy is absorbed into the different parts of the plant. It is first generated by the sun, diffused through the atmosphere, the water and the earth; and the plants select what they need to build acids, alkaline, phosphates, carbonates, chlorides, glycerides, oils, fats, waxes and so forth.

There are many ways to make contact with nature. Anyone who has spent time communing with it will understand and feel its unseen gifts and potential as much as the more visible ones. The rocks, the earth, the many greens of foliage, and the rainbow colors of the blossoms and fruits speak for themselves. A flower, when you stare into it, can heal by its color and form alone, while its vibration and essence are something else.

All over the world in earlier times, trees were “dressed” using ribbons or small toys tied on in the winter, in order to thank the tree for the splendor of its greenness and the joy of its blossom in spring and summer. In fact, there were hundreds of ancient rituals for celebrating nature. Well dressing was another, to thank the Springwater for providing the basis for life.

Access to nature was, luckily, something I grew up with, and it has affected my life ever since. My mother produced homemade wine, and I gathered for her the wild yellow broom flowers, nettle tops, blackberries, elder flowers, elderberries, dandelion flowers, and birch sap required. Spending hours and hours over years and years with these colorful plants gave me something that is very much a part of myself.


Sometimes too tired to put a tent up, I have lain in powder-dry ploughed fi elds, the odd ditch, or under a sheltering tree. Moonlight, darkness, fi relight, and stars have become familiar and friendly. It is there for us all to be touched by.

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