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Best ways to fix iPhone error 4013

If you are reading here then it means that your iPhone screen is showing the message “The iPhone (device name) could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (4013)”. No need to panic and worry as we will help you resolve the issue and get back your iPhone to working condition. In the following parts of the article, you will learn what is iPhone error 4013, its probable causes, and also the best solutions for iOS system recovery

Part 1. What is iPhone error 4013?

When you try to restore or update your iOS devices and the process is interrupted you may face an iOS system issue which is termed as iPhone error 4013. Though the name of the error implies iPhone, it can occur with other iOS devices as well like iPad and iPod. The error may occur because of the software bug and also due to faulty parts and cables that lead to problems in connectivity between the system and iDevices. 

The iPhone error 4013 may also occur when iTunes is not working properly, is outdated, and is not compatible with the latest iOS device’s version. 

Part 2. Common ways to fix iPhone Error 4013

Since you will not know the cause of iPhone Error 4013, you will have to use the trial and error method to find a solution. Below we have shortlisted some of the common solutions that can be tried. 

1. Force restarts the device

The most straightforward way to try resolving the issue is by force restarting your iOS device. If the issue is due to a temporary technical glitch, it will fix with the device restart. Depending on your device and model, you need to press multiple buttons to restart your device.

2. Updating the iTunes version

iTunes is needed both for updating as well as restoring your device, thus it is important to have the latest version of iTunes installed. If your system has an outdated version of iTunes chances of getting iPhone error 4013 is quite high. Thus, updating iTunes to the latest version and trying to update and restore the device can get it working. 

Factory reset

Another solution to fix the error is by going for a factory reset of the device. If this method works, it will erase all the present files on your device and thus it is recommended to first take a back to avoid data loss.

4. Restoring the device from another system

If even after trying multiple times, you are still seeing the error, there is a possibility of issues with the system hardware. In such a case, try restoring your device using another computer. 

5. Updating or restoring using backup

You can also try to update and restore your device using your previous back. If this does not work, you can also try to restore using the recovery mode but in these cases, your current files will be erased. So, always take a backup before trying to restore your device. 

6. Using the original cable of the device

There are chances that the cable you are using to connect your iPhone and the system is faulty and this will result in iPhone error 4013 due to improper communication. So, another simple yet workable solution may be to change and use an original cable to connect your device.


7. Free some storage space

Not necessarily, there are chances that if your device is running short of space, the functions may be interrupted and the error will occur. So, freeing up some space on your iPhone might work as a fix to the issue. 

Part 3. Hassle-free and quick solution to fix iPhone error 4013 with Dr. Fone – System Repair

If even after trying the above-listed solutions, you are unable to fix iPhone 4013, it’s time to get some expert help and for this, we suggest Dr. Fone – System Repair software. This excellent tool works as an all-in-one solution for all your iOS related issues including error 4013, boot loop, and more. In a few simple steps on the user-friendly interface of the software, you can fix the error in no time. 

Key features of the software

  • Fix multiple iOS related issues like boot loop, iPhone error 4013, black screen, Apple logo death, and more.
  • The software resolves and fixes issues without data loss.
  • Easy to work and handle without any technical know-how.
  • Support to all iOS devices and models.
  • iOS system recovery through two modes.

Steps to fix iPhone error 4013 using Dr. Fone – System Repair

Step 1. Launch the installed Dr. Fone software on your system and choose System Repair from the main interface.

Step 2. Using the original cable of the device, connect your iPhone to the system. The software interface will show Standard Mode and Advanced Mode of recovery options. Choose Standard Mode.

Step 3. The iOS device will be identified by the tool along with the iOS version. You can also select the version from the drop-down menu. Next, click on the Start button. 

Step 4. The software will download the firmware after which the scanning of the issue will take place. Once the issue is scanned and resolved by the software, the software interface will show the message saying “Repair of the operating system is complete”. 

With this, the software will do iOS system repair and your device will be fixed and error 4013 will be resolved.  


To resolve the iPhone error 4013, you can troubleshoot several solutions and methods as listed above but the process will be time-consuming and there is no surety that the issue will be resolved. The best alternative here is to use Dr.Fone – System Repair which is professional software that can look after all your iOS related issues in a hassle-free quick manner.

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