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Best Guest Post Plugin for WordPress

When it comes to adding guest posts to your WordPress site, there are many great options available. These include Frontend Publishing Pro, Access Press Anonymous using primobolan Post, and Publish Press Authors. Let’s take a look at the three best options for your needs. Which of these is right for your site? Weigh your options carefully and make your final decision. Which of these plugins will provide the best experience for your guest posting sites?

Frontend Publishing Pro

If you want to publish guest posts on your WordPress site you can find the best 2022 guest posting website. This is lightweight, makes the submission process easier, and is layered with security. It also allows you to publish multiple posts at one time, set validation rules, and create a user profile form. This plugin can be an excellent addition to any WordPress site. For more information, visit the website. It is free to download and install, but it is recommended that you pay a small fee if you plan on using it.

Frontend Publishing Pro also has an author box plugin that will promote the work of guest bloggers. This plugin will cost you $9 and will hold a picture of the author, their name, and their bio. It also comes with social media buttons to share its content on your website. It supports most major browsers. It is a great option if you have many guest authors. It will also give you access to analytics for your website.

Among the benefits of this plugin is its email notification feature. Not only will it let you send an email to your contributor and yourself when their post is published, but it will also notify your contributor when their post has been approved or rejected. You can even set up a list of approvers for your guest posts. The plugin will also show the publishing date in the email and allow the guest author to read and edit the post before it is published.

Access Press Anonymous Post

Access Press Anonymous Post is the most popular guest post plugin for WordPress and offers many customizable features. It lets visitors submit WordPress post types and featured images to your website. This plugin notifies you when new submissions are made and allows anyone to post. You can choose to display an anonymous form in the front or redirect non-logged-in users to the login screen. You can also customize the submission form with custom fields and editable label texts. This plugin is well maintained and consistently updates its features to meet your needs.

Access Press Anonymous Post offers a number of advanced features that make it a powerful tool for the modern WordPress user. It integrates tags, categories, post titles, and author information. It’s compatible with all major web browsers and devices and features Google Captcha for spam detection. You can post an anonymous post from anywhere, and you can upload an image to include as an author. You can even edit the post after publishing it. Once published, the guest post will redirect to the author’s profile.

Another great option for anonymous submissions is Access Press Anonymous Post Pro. This free WordPress plugin works with any theme. The best guest post plugin for WordPress is compatible with all major themes. It works with WPAll Club, a WordPress resource club full of helpful tutorials and blogs. You can also find curated free and premium WordPress themes and information on hosting. If you’re a WordPress developer, you’ll want to check out the Wall Club.

Publish Press Authors

One of the best plugins for managing multiple authors on a WordPress website is Publish Press Authors. It helps you display the author box at the bottom of each post, which includes a description, avatar, and name. You can also use it to display posts by multiple authors so that all their posts are listed together. Publish Press Authors also allows you to add multiple authors to a single post.

Another great feature of this plugin is the ability to credit multiple authors on a single post. Unlike other WordPress plugins, Publish Press Authors allow multiple authors to write on the same post. Using Guest Authors, you can let collaborators write on your site without creating an account. These collaborators will be treated like regular authors, and the author information will be displayed in a widget. You can also assign no-follow tags to links. This plugin also allows you to add multiple author boxes, so you can easily credit them for each post.


Publish Press Authors is a great plugin for managing your editorial team. It has many advanced features that make it an excellent addition to a WordPress blog. It’s also very easy to install, and the free version includes premium add-ons. It includes a menu where you can view each post’s author, category, and last modified date. In addition to this, it also has an extensive feature set.