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Battling with Depression: What It’s Like to Live with Dark Thoughts

It’s hard to explain what it’s like to live with depression. It’s hard to put into words the feelings of worthlessness or feeling broken on a constant basis. You might say that people are overreacting, but the way you see the world is different from theirs.

The mass of people who battle with depression every day and the friends and family members they do battle for are often left wondering what it’s like to live with these dark thoughts.

Not an Easy Story to Tell

It is not an easy story. Sometimes there is no good answer for why someone feels the way they feel. And there are some common myths and misconceptions about living with depression. But at its heart, this piece is a story of hope: finding strength in difficult times and knowing that life can get better even when you’re feeling your worst.

And as such, know that if you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with depression, it’s not the end of the world. This article is about how you can help someone through their worst times, but always remember that there are good days ahead for people with depression.

What It’s Like to Live with Depression

People with depression might have a tendency to “wallow” in their despair, but they are also human beings who deserve happiness just as much as anyone else. Those who live with depression need to know that there is life after the darkest of thoughts, that if they work hard, things will be okay.

There are many symptoms of depression. But when you feel depressed, it feels like your mind and body are distracting you from dealing with real issues. You may forget how to do some of the simplest things, like getting out of bed in the morning.

Depression feels as though you’re not yourself anymore and that you may have lost some sense of who that person is. Depression can make you feel as if your life isn’t worth living. It can spiral into a deep pit filled with dark thoughts, where all you want to do is escape.

The Real Challenge

For people with depression, the real challenge isn’t that life is depressing but that they feel bad about feeling depressed in the first place. The thoughts of suicide can be overwhelming, and it’s hard not to get caught up in them. But the main thing for people dealing with depression to remember is that thoughts are just thoughts. Don’t let them control your life.

The best thing you can do for yourself or someone you love with depression is to talk about it, even if it’s uncomfortable. Keeping feelings inside makes them worse and generally doesn’t fix anything. Depression comes in waves, but those who battle against the disorder every day do so because they give themselves a chance to be happy.

What Kind of Thoughts?

The first time you’re diagnosed, nothing can prepare you for what lies ahead. You may have the urge to withdraw from everything, but that will only make things worse in the long run. It is important to tell those close to you about your depression so they can help you through it.

Whether it’s thoughts of suicide or just feelings of not wanting to be alive, depression comes in many different forms. There are no rules that determine how someone will experience the disorder, but what matters is that people who struggle against depression everyday know that there is hope for something better than this world.

When Do These Thoughts Become Dangerous?

People can live with suicidal thoughts for years without ever hurting themselves, but it doesn’t take long before the feelings become overwhelming. The danger lies in how easy death seems or in trying to find a way out of this world without harming yourself.

After your first suicide attempt, you may be shocked by how alive you still feel. For some, it is important to be back in the real world, experiencing everything for the first time again. This can be a rewarding experience or one of complete devastation. If you survive your attempt, you will have to live with that experience for the rest of your life—for better or worse.

How to Seek Help

If you have these thoughts, you need to know they are not worth ending yourself over. There is someone out there who can help you through your depression, but it may take some time to find them. There are many ways of finding help for people with depression—family members, friends, doctors, therapists, support groups—but it is important to remember that you are doing this for yourself.

Suppose you’ve done something that can be detrimental to your health. What you can do is seek immediate care. Many people visit emergency rooms when they’ve physical harmed themselves, and you can also visit urgent care clinics to help you find the most appropriate solution for what you feel.

The good news is that depression is treatable; the bad news is that it isn’t easy to go through. If you feel like life has lost all meaning, if you think your pain will never end, you can join the ranks of those who refuse to be defeated by this disorder and instead learn to live comfortably again.

In the blink of an eye, your entire world can change. These dark thoughts that cloud your mind take hold and it’s a constant battle to fight against them every day. But you have a life ahead of you, so don’t give up hope. There is always a way out—you just have to find it.

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