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Are Gaming Monitors Better than Regular Monitors?

If you’re an avid gamer, you might be curious as to whether gaming monitors are worth spending your money on. Does having a regular monitor really put you at a disadvantage? The truthful answer is that although you can get by with a regular monitor, having a gaming monitor can really take your gameplay to the next level. Here’s why!

Better Aesthetics

One of the main reasons why it’s worth investing in a gaming monitor is because the aesthetics are much better than a regular monitor. As gaming monitors are built around games, they’re also built around making video games look good, and in turn emphasize certain characteristics that make video games pop.

Resolution is one of the key factors here. You want to make sure you get as high a resolution as possible without putting your PC through stress – you don’t want to lag your PC out too much. You can find 4k Gaming Monitors that will run up to 4k resolution – when most monitors will run at 1080p max, these kinds of monitors will really push your games to the next level. Most gaming monitors also have much better color reproduction and contrast, giving you a much more vivid experience.

Better Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is another key thing to look out for in monitors. Even if you have a good resolution, not having a refresh rate good enough to go with it will likely leave your game blotchy. Many regular monitors will come with a refresh rate of 30Hz (that means they refresh 30 times a second), but this isn’t really enough to keep up with games, as you’ll only manage to get about 30 frames per second.

Gaming monitors tend to come with at least 60Hz, allowing you to get a relatively good framerate, but you can find some monitors go over 100Hz. This is great for fast-paced games where reflexes are essential to playing and winning. This allows for a much smoother gameplay experience.

Support for G-SYNC

If you’re unfamiliar with NVIDIA G-SYNC, then you’ve been missing out. G-SYNC essentially helps optimize your play time, allowing you to synchronize refresh rates and improve frame rate. This in turn also removes issues like screen tearing, where you might find the screen seems to cut and load at different rates, as well as reduce lag, generally helping you have a smooth and satisfying game experience.

Getting a gaming monitor compatible with G-SYNC is ideal for those looking for the ultimate gaming experience. And if you’re wondering how much it’ll cost you to install G-SYNC, you don’t need to worry – it’s totally free, so you can put any extra money you have into investing in a seriously good monitor.

Though there are many reasons why getting a gaming monitor is a good idea, these are our top three reasons as to why it’s the best choice for gamers. After all, gaming monitors are specialized for games (unlike regular monitors, which are much more jack of all trades), meaning a gaming monitor generally ensures a positive experience.