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Analyze and present data

Just as you can limit the data displayed by your worksheets, you can also create validation rules that limit the data entered into them. When you set rules for data entered into cells, you can catch many of the most common data entry errors, such as entering values that are too small or too large, or attempting to enter a word in a cell that requires a number. If you add a validation rule after data has been entered, you can circle any invalid data so that you know what to correct.

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Summarizing numerical values can provide valuable information that helps you run your business. It can also be helpful to know how many different values appear within a column. For example, you might want to display all of the countries and regions in which Consolidated Messenger has customers. If you want to display a list of the unique values in a column, you can do so by creating an advanced filter. Visit the site: wapking

When you turn on filtering, a filter arrow appears to the right of each column label in the list of data. Clicking the sifter arrow displays a blackboard of filtering alternatives and a list of the unique prices in the column. Each item has a check box next to it, which you can use to create a selection filter. Some of the commands vary depending on the kind of data in the column. For illustration, if the column comprehends a set of dates, you will get a list of commands specific to that data type.

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Excel indicates that a column has a filter applied by changing the appearance of the column’s filter arrow to include an icon that looks like a funnel. After you finish examining your data by using a filter, you can clear the filter or turn off filtering entirely and hide the filter arrows. If You Need More Information Visit: getinstagram

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