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Agricultural Lighting for Pig Farms: Keeping Pigs Productive and Safe

The use of agricultural lights has a long history and technology is constantly changing. In this blog post, you will learn about the benefits of the lighting used and how their use affects hog production.

Why use lighting for pig farms?

There are many reasons why pig farms use agricultural lighting. Proper lighting helps keep pigs productive and safe. Here are four reasons why proper lighting is important:

1) Pig farms consume a lot of energy and lighting can help reduce this waste.

2) Pig farms produce a lot of manure, and good lighting helps prevent accidents.

3) Insufficient light can cause health problems in animals, including respiratory infections and eye irritation.

4) Proper lighting also makes it easier for farmers to track their pigs. With good lighting, farmers can better spot problems with their herds and make necessary corrections.

How does the modern pig industry use lighting?

There are several different ways of lighting in the modern pig industry. One way is to use artificial light to help pigs get a good night’s sleep. This is done by using lamps that shine on the pigsty at night. This helps the pigs get enough rest, which can make them more productive during the day.

Another way lighting is used in the modern swine industry is to help keep pigs safe. For example, light can be used to guide pigs through a dark barn or enclosure. This helps prevent them from getting lost and injured. In addition, light can be used to identify objects in the dark, which helps prevent accidents.


Agricultural lighting is an important part of the pig industry, and it can play an important role in the overall production of your farm. By choosing the right type and intensity of light for your pigs, you can help increase their productivity and safety. If you would like more information, please contact Hontech Wins.