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Advantages Of Winning Online Contests

Online contests are arguably one of the best ways to increase a brand’s awareness and value in the market. Nowadays, social media is the biggest platform to reach out to new customers and create a loyal fanbase. With numerous users and scope of analytics, more companies are adopting to social media marketing each passing day.

More than three billion people are active on social media today, thanks to the technological advancements of modern times. But it alone won’t bring new customers. Online contests in this matter will play a key role. The more people find themselves in the possibility of winning, they will sign up and participate in the contest.

What are the reasons for organizing contests? It helps you with making your brand visible on social media. That will grab a lot of eyes throughout a day. More people will develop an interest on your campaign and the brand.

So, having a winner or winners in online contests has several benefits, for the company and the winner alike.

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  1. Getting new customers – Organising an online contest is definitely a great way to gain new customers. The campaigns you create online will get people interested. People will sign up and participate in the contest hoping to win. And, if they win the contest, they will most likely subscribe to you and become a loyal customer.
  2. Word to mouth marketing – Many marketing agencies accept that word to mouth marketing can be slow, but the most effective in gaining a single subscriber at once.
  3. Boosts awareness: A recently conducted survey exhibits the fact that brands can enjoy better customer awareness with the online contests. The chances of winning the contest enhance customer’s focus on the brand, and they start exploring the products and the brands further. Eventually, online contest helps a brand to gain significant improvement in brand position.
  4. Enhanced Customer Engagement: One of the key benefits in online contest is that it boosts the engagement with customers. The temptation of winning a reward stimulates the target customers to focus more on the brand, thereby enhancing the degree of engagement with customers. Research suggests that a successful contest on the web can enhance the customer engagement by 42% or even more.
  5. Creates active followers: Brands can create a pool of active followers online by organizing web contests. As it helps in enhancing the awareness and engagement, potential customers will start following the official online pages, thereby fetching more and more sales lead. This pattern continues to develop an engaged community of global users, helping the brand to gain global footprints. These followers keep following and promoting the brand, making it all the more reliable in the market. This way, brands can gain an edge over their closest competitors. The active and agile community of followers help the brand to get better insight on customer demand. Thereby, the brand can develop better products and services that will address customer demand and expectations with the utmost relevance.

Brands should organize online contests more frequently for the reason that it is one of the most cost-effective, yet potential ways of marketing and advertising the brands. Marketing and promotional expenses form one of the major overheads of business expenses that keep eating away the profit. This way, businesses can boosts their digital marketing and advertising campaigns without escalating the cost involved. Therefore, there are all reasons for businesses of all scales and types to hold more such competitions on the web. Within fair time span, they can expect the most delightful return.

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