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A Comprehensive Guide to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Handles and Finishes

The cost for an average kitchen renovation in Australia varies between $22,000 and $40,000. During the renovation, you need to make various important decisions to get the best out of your investment. While choosing your vanities and cabinets is one of the major decisions, it doesn’t end here. You need to find the best kitchen handles in Australia that can make a lot of difference to your activities. But before you choose the right handles, you must know your options. So, look at the following section to know more about the types of handles, finishes and materials available.

Types of cabinet handle

The kitchen is the most expensive room to renovate. According to HIA, about 149,352 renovations took place between 2018-2019, and the average installation cost was $26,280. Since you will be investing a massive amount of money in renovations, you must explore different types of door handles.

Kitchen cabinet door handles come in different finishes, shapes and designs, and you must select one that blends seamlessly with your kitchen layout.


Handleless cabinets, cupboards and drawers are fitted with a push-to-open mechanism that facilitates you to close and open the doors comfortably. Homeowners who like ultra-modern and modern kitchens use handleless cupboards, drawers and cabinets.


If you want a sleek and pristine look for your kitchen, go for edge-profile handles. These handles are hollow-channel bars fixed at the edge of the drawer where you can put your fingers and then push and pull.

Cabinet knobs

If you are a fan of vintage style, cabinet knobs are the best choice. These knobs are circular and remain fixed at the opening corner of the door. You also get them in animal and flower shapes.

Bow handles

Bow handles are pull-out handles and come in various designs, like porcelain-like finish or wave-like shapes. They are great for traditional kitchens and offer a vintage-inspired feel.

Cup handles

Cup handles are ideal for heavy drawers and cupboards and render a vintage look when you get them in antique brass or brushed gold.

Bar handles

Bar handles come with a simple mechanism. They have a long rectangular bar that is easy to pull and grip. These handles work flawlessly in traditional and modern kitchens and are one of the classic pull-out handle styles in the market.

T-bar handles

T-bar handles are tube-shaped and are excellent for flat cabinet doors in a single colour, which renders the kitchen a smooth look. These handles are best suited for ultra-modern and modern kitchen styles.

Finishes and materials

After finalising the handle style, you must decide on the finish and material you want. Following are details you should keep in mind when looking for kitchen handles in Australia.


Copper handles are stylish and timeless, offering a metallic and tender accent to the kitchen and blending with plain and dark cabinet door colours.


Traditional chrome provides a conventional and classical look to the kitchen due to its reflective and glossy surface. You can also get the stain and brushed variants in a matt finish. However, these handles are susceptible to scratches and need proper care and maintenance.


Nickel handles are available in antique, satin and high polish. These handles are the best choice for traditional and farmhouse kitchens. You can also get nickel handles coated with lacquer to preserve the shine for longer.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel handles are the best option for maximum durability. It requires little maintenance and is resistant to scratches, stains and rust. These handles are best suited for transitional and contemporary kitchen styles.

Selecting the right cabinet handles and kitchen door becomes a lot easier as you learn about the types of cabinet handles, finishes, and materials. So, make sure you look at different combinations and choose the ones that best meet your kitchen’s needs.


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