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9 Outdoor Living Trends to Look Out for

It’s always fun to think about trend predictions during the new year. Often, there’s some really out there ideas that interior designers think will really boom, just as well as some things that may be on their way out, too. Now that we’re well into the year, here’s a more updated list of outdoor living trends that have actually taken off for 2022, and how you can incorporate it into your own outdoor spaces! Getting professoinal help is as easy as searching pest control near me.

1. Indoor-outdoor spaces

When it comes to interior design, we’re often told to bring the outdoors in. Well, with this trend, think the opposite: bring the indoors, out! This means choosing comfortable outdoor furniture and accents, making use of privacy screens, and investing in coverings such as verandahs, patios, and pergolas to ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor space rain or shine. Outdoor drapery, water features, quality fence from vinyl fence company and soft accents can help to create a more intimate setting that you’ll love spending time in.

Wondering why you’re seeing this trend more frequently this year? It’s because of the need for us to stay home more often over the past few years. It’s only natural that people have gotten the need to redecorate and redesign their living spaces, and their outdoor areas are no exception. Cozy, private spaces outdoors not only extend the living area but also provide a great spot for recreational activities while taking advantage of the benefits of spending time outdoors.

When it comes to adding outdoor living solutions, make sure to consult an expert. Pergola installers Melbourne can help you decide what type of outdoor structure fits your needs the best, whether it’s pergolas, verandahs, patios, or carports.

2. Mesh accents

With all the vintage trends popping up, it’s no surprise that mesh accents are making a comeback, too. Whether it’s metal cutouts, or natural materials such as woven rattan, this retro-inspired look provides interesting texture to otherwise plain pieces, merging old and new designs together. So think accents of rope and rattan, open weaves, and patterns that look perforated.

3. Rattan/wicker/cane furniture

Interested in the more natural look? Look further into rattan. Rattan is a specific material that can be found in tropical rainforests, and wicker is a specific style of weaving that you can do with rattan. Remember that they aren’t interchangeable, otherwise you might find yourself looking through search results for your chosen furniture styles and getting frustrated that you’re not getting the right designs.

Rattan is a very lightweight and durable material that, when made into furniture, can be used in a million ways. Synthetic rattan is also waterproof, too, so if you’re planning to place your furniture in an area that might get rain, this might be just the material you need. Bonus points for not having to move your furniture in and out of the rain!

4. Outdoor kitchens

A trend that’s been years in the making, outdoor kitchens are popular with homeowners looking to entertain guests frequently. Backyard barbecues are a great way to get together and enjoy simple yet delicious fare with friends and family, but why not level it up from garden chairs and picnic tables to fully-equipped backyard kitchens instead? With barbecues, fridges, and sinks, as well as an outdoor dining area, the concept of taking the indoors out is fully encapsulated with the outdoor kitchen design.

5. Vertical gardening for small spaces

Have a love for greenery, but little space? Maybe you’re wanting to start your own garden but don’t want to bite off more than you can handle. A growing trend in 2022 is vertical gardening, which means making use of your available vertical spaces by adding a custom wood or metal rack to place your pots and growing vessels in.

6. Container gardens

Maybe you’ve got a little more space for plants and greenery. Container gardens are taking small homeowners by storm, and even those who just don’t have the time to commit to a full-size garden. Container gardens entail using flower pots and herb gardens on windowsills, decks, and balconies, while on the other side of the spectrum it can even be the usage of larger raised bed containers that are placed neatly in one part of a backyard. Definitely goes against the assumption that you need a big outdoor space to grow your own food!

It’s probably a bonus to hear that container gardens are also a great, sustainable way to get your greens. Things such as hydroponics container gardening use less water and soil, which means less usage of vital resources over time. And with colourful, patterned planters, or raised bed containers utilising local flora, gardening has never been so easy!

7. Sustainable/recycled materials

Wanting more sustainable trends? Reclaimed and recycled materials are here to stay. This environmentally-friendly trend extends to outdoor furniture and decor: and more and more designers and homeowners are looking into manufacturing practices to make sure that what they purchase has a minimal carbon footprint and contributes to a sustainable future.

8. Warm colours

Move over, muted shades: warm, inviting colours are in for this year. From beige and creams to wooden accents, it’s all about adding a rustic, charming look to your outdoor spaces. From wooden furniture that ages with grace, to comforting colours in your decor and outdoor living solutions, create a soft yet welcoming space no matter how big or small your outdoor area is.

9. Boho themes

Boho refers to a style that is eclectic and unique, with a focus towards decor that involves musical, artistic, and literary themes. Outdoor living spaces can have a boho look by utilising warm colour palettes, unique textures, and striking woven patterns, so it’s actually really grab some style inspo from your pinterest boards and create a boho outdoor space.