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5 Unique Uses for Business Cards

We think of business cards as invisible objects – they’re often taken for granted to such an extent that they may as well never exist. But business cards still have a part to play in spreading the word about your restaurant, and if there’s anything to take away from American Psycho, wasting money on fancy printing is boring. Make a business card for the modern diner by adding a little personality to your card. Start by printing a stylish card (like these options from MustHaveMenus), then give it some flair with these unique twists.

1. Loyalty Cards

One of the easiest reminders to use a business card is to print a loyalty program right on the card! Stamp or punch cards are the oldest loyalty program, pre-dating digital loyalty systems by several decades. Print all of the mainstays on the front face – address, phone number, logo, and any other pertinent info – and on the back, add your stamp card layout. Not only does this incentivize prospective customers not to lose the card, but it also encourages repeat business right from the start. After all, despite the old saying, everyone loves a free lunch (or dinner, or pastry, or whatever else).

2. Survey Cards

Thoughtful restaurateurs care about their guests’ feedback. It’s a common practice in the business to do table touches during service; asking what your guests think and putting a face on the business are a matter of taking ownership (pun intended). 

If you’re looking to capitalize on novelty and dial up the fun of being your restaurant’s face, consider printing a small survey on the back of your business card! Hand them out when you do table touches and tell your guests to turn them in on their way out. If you want to incentivize your guests further, offer them a drink token or free appetizer for filling out the survey. Between the interactivity and the promise of free food or drink, you’re setting up a well-orchestrated carrot-and-stick move your guests will never forget. 

3.Link Cards

Business cards have been a staple for spreading your contact information for many decades, but in an online world, it’s best to have a business card that translates to a digital space! The front of your card can contain all the usual information, but you can have the back printed with a QR code that leads to a webpage with additional contact functionality. 

If you want to display some tech savvy, have the QR code lead to a link page with links to your business’s social media profiles, its website, and any other pertinent info. With a QR code attached, your business card seamlessly crosses the frontier between the physical and digital spaces. 

4. Wallet Tools

As pleasant as business cards might be, most of them aren’t especially useful beyond holding contact information. If you want to subvert the expectation, add a little extra function to your card! It’s essential to keep the additional info relevant to your business. If you run a Chinese restaurant, add a few useful terms in Mandarin or maybe a quick guide to popular dim sum dishes! 

If you run a coffee shop, add a guide to popular coffee drinks on the back – most of your guests won’t know the difference between a cappuccino and a latte, so why not spread a little knowledge? Let your imagination take hold here, and emphasize practical information. Anything encouraging your guests to hold onto the card means their long-term chances of walking through your doors get higher by the day.

5. Coupons

It might not be anything revolutionary, but there’s no reason to knock a coupon! If you hand out a business card that’s good for one free appetizer or ten percent off a meal, you’re giving prospective diners a reason to give your restaurant a shot. Just because it’s not a fresh idea doesn’t mean it doesn’t work – after all, the chance to save money on a meal is appealing to everyone. 

The Sky’s The Limit

These suggestions are a great jumping-off point, but there’s no reason to stop here. If you’re not swayed by the above, come up with something else! The message is clear: there’s no reason to have boring business cards nowadays. Find something fun to add to your card that will keep your restaurant on someone’s mind well after you’ve talked to them. You might see them seated in your dining room sooner than you think. And don’t worry about design, because MustHaveMenus has got you covered with tons of different business cards, loyalty cards, and coupon cards.