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5 Natural Ways to Make Your House Smell Great

Having a clean and fresh smelling house is just as good as receiving a compliment on the perfume you wear. You cannot, however, deep clean your home as you take showers every day and that is why it is so important to incorporate little things into your routine in order to maintain a good smell in your house. There are many aromatic products out there on the market that can do that job but in most cases they are packed with harsh chemicals. Fortunately, there are ways you could achieve the same result and even better with items you could easily find in your home. What’s more, using natural ingredients to make your house smell amazing is not only going to be beneficial to you but the environment as well. 

Here at We Buy Any House, we have gathered ways to get those incredible aromas from natural ingredients inside your house for a better, cleaner and fresher feeling home so that you can de-stress after work, rewind on the weekend as it is proven that pleasant aromas boost mood and calm the senses. 

  1. Essential Oils

Essential oils will become your best friend as you change the way you aromatize your living space as it is a natural ingredient with a very strong and durable smell. There are numerous ways you can use them which makes them the perfect product. You could put a few droplets of the essential oil into your diffuser that will consistently mist the scent and keep your house always smelling good. If you are a fan of candles or wax melts, you could even do it yourself. Simply heat up some soy wax, add the essential oil of your choice and pour into a mold. Another smart trick (yes, we saw it on TikTok), is to get some Q-tip or a cotton ball and add some drops of your favourite essential oil scent. Place it in some hidden areas around your house like the paper roll in your bathroom or your wardrobe. It will leave everything having these amazing natural aromas as if you have not even sprayed anything or done anything to achieve it. That is the beauty of the essential oils and they truly will become your closes companion at home.

  1. Carpet Deodorizing

More often than not, in order to achieve that freshness in the air is by simply removing any unpleasant odors. The easier way is to leave windows open because there isn’t really anything that works better than fresh air to cleanse the space. However not everything can be as easily ventilated by simply opening a window. For instance, your carpets hold a lot of bacteria and unpleasant aromas tend to arise exactly from there. That is why it would be worth deodorizing it in order to eliminate those nasty lingering smells. You could create a mixture of baking soda, adding your best friend – the essential oil of your choice, and let it sit for some time before hoovering. You will then enjoy the natural smelling floors you deserve. 

  1. Spray Bottle for Fabrics

As an alternative to a diffuser, you could create your own spray using water, baking soda and the essential oil of your choice. That would make the ideal fabric refreshing spray so get your sofas, chairs and pillows all smelling like they just got out of the washing machine. 

  1. Scented Cleaning Mixture

In order to make room for some pleasant aromas in your home, you must begin by eliminating the unpleasant ones. That is why it is very important what kind of products you use for cleaning around the house. Many of the cleaning products out there have a lot of harsh chemicals in them, making them a bad choice for both your health and the environment. Therefore, it might be worth investing a little time to prepare a cleaning mixture yourself which will even make your home smell even fresher. Vinegar is known to be a great natural cleaning ingredient leaving behind a fresh scent especially if you add citrus to the mixture. 

  1. Make Use of The Simmering Pot

This hack would be ideal for those colder days at home when you could get both some warmth and a nice scent from simmering some cinnamon sticks, cloves, slices of lemon or orange for a few hours. Why not add some red wine and make a mulled wine as well? It is guaranteed that it will leave your whole house smelling amazing for days! 

There are certainly many scented products you could find in the shops but if you want to be kinder to the environment and your body you would want to start using those natural ingredients which you already must have at home anyway for a longer lasting aromas. 

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