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5 Common Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents in Manchester, CT

Manchester, CT, is not immune to dangerous driving conditions. With freezing winters, hot summers, and poor street weathering, it’s no surprise that motor vehicle accidents are on the rise in these parts. Knowing the different types of motor vehicle accidents is the key to understanding what to do in case of one. However, don’t be reluctant to hire a personal injury lawyer in manchester, CT, in case you got involved in a motor vehicle accident in the city. It is actually one of the important things to do after being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

A personal injury lawyer is the best way to take care of your injury claim and compensation. By consulting a personal injury lawyer, you can be sure that you get the necessary representation and guidance, in case you were in a motor vehicle accident. Moreover, once the case has been taken up by a lawyer, he or she will continue to seek out information on your behalf to gather evidence against the opposing party.

We will now see the most common types of motor vehicle accidents in Manchester, CT.

  • Car accidents

The most common type of motor vehicle accident is the car accident. Car accidents have become a common occurrence in everyday life. It usually involves two to several vehicles and can cause a lot of damage to property, cars, and people if the accident happens on city streets.

  • Commercial vehicle crashes

This kind of crash is mostly caused by corporation vehicles. These vehicles are usually used by a company, and their drivers are highly-qualified to handle these vehicles with ease. However, they can cause different types of accidents from very minor to extremely disastrous.

  • Motorcycle collisions

This type of crash occurs when a vehicle collides with a motorcycle. A motorcycle is an extremely fast motor vehicle, and its speed can easily cause serious collisions with other vehicles, causing several injuries to both the riders.

  • Pedestrian accidents

This type of accident occurs in crowded areas, such as city streets, pedestrian bridges, and sidewalks. They are very dangerous to pedestrians as they can be seriously injured or killed if not taken care of appropriately.

  • Bicycle accidents

Bicycle accidents are also common in Manchester. This involves a person riding a bicycle colliding with another vehicle. A bicycle is not the same as a motorized bike. It is a slower vehicle and can cause different types of accidents if it collides with other motor vehicles.