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4 Tips for a Perfect Valentine’s Day

What Is The Perfect Valentine’s Day?

Putting the word “perfect” in front of anything draws out mental images of archetypes. An archetype is sort of an overarching representation of something. It’s the “epitome”, if you will, of whatever is being referenced. Valentine’s Day archetypes include pinks, reds, violets, and whites combined in heart-shaped patterns. Romance is the word of the day on February 14.

If you want your Valentine’s Day celebration with the one you love to be perfect, all you really need to do is legitimately care about the one you’re with. However, beyond simply being sincere, there are a few key tips you might want to follow to make the day absolutely exquisite.

1. A Surprise – Any Surprise—so Long as She Likes It

A puppy, a kitten, a trip through Oregon to the mighty redwoods of the northern Californian coast, or that gift she’s been dropping not-so-subtle hints about; whatever the surprise is, just be sure it’s one that will be welcomed.

Any surprise will do, if you’re smart to present it at the right time and in the right way, and you don’t go with something of the “prank” variety. Pranks are right out if you want a perfect Valentine’s Day. Unless, of course, you’re in love with somebody who derives more pleasure from practical jokes than most people. Sometimes that’s the case!

2. Chocolates, Candies, and Dinner

Get her chocolates, candies, and other sweets wrapped in heart-shaped tinfoil and packaged in a red or pink heart-shaped box. Barring the heart theme, Lindt Truffles were practically made for this time of year. Also, a special dinner date at a high-class local restaurant makes a lot of sense.

3. The Floral Component

This should go without saying, but it’s a very important thing to consider: if you’re looking for not just a good Valentine’s Day celebration, but the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration, you simply must buy flowers somewhere.

You can get them online at a discount, see a reduction in delivery costs through certain promos, or shop deals where florists are liquidating old inventory. Whatever you do, it’s imperative you find flowers on Valentine’s Day if you want it to be perfect.

4. Clearing Your Schedule

You need to be fully invested in the moment. The purpose of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate romantic relationships. You know what’s not romantic? Being distracted the whole time you’re out on a date. So don’t be distracted. Clear your schedule, and give your date your full focus.

Getting Everything Just Right

Certainly, you can’t control everything about life—you might plan out the world’s best Valentine’s Day, only to have an accidental stumble that breaks your foot and puts you in the hospital. That’s a broad hypothetical, but you get the idea. Still, if you get the essentials right, the day will last in you and your lover’s memories for years to come.

Surprise her with something that she likes. Chocolates, candies, and a special dinner are almost always a good idea. Flowers complete the package as well, and being able to give your full attention to this day is, perhaps, the most important thing of all.