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3 Reasons Why Multiple Monitors Can Boost Your Productivity

Whether you’re a gamer, an editor, or a trader, having a good computer is one of the best investments you can make for your craft. Aside from a computer with good processing power, you should also look for multiple screens set up. This kind of set-up is recommended for professional traders, professional gamers, and just about anyone that wants to be productive online.

A multiple screens set-up means you have more than one screen to work on. Some people go and choose a 6 monitor setup for their daily needs. It can be used for various purposes but what you need to know is that it can greatly improve your productivity. Many people think that it’s just for aesthetics but that’s poor thinking.

A 6 monitor setup is powered by a single computer. That means everything that the computer wants to do is going to happen on all the monitors. Let’s say you are a trader. You can effectively use 6 monitor screens to keep track of various trading positions and assets. Of course, this is just one way you can use it.

Finding the right 6 monitor setup for your needs is hard. It takes a lot of money and effort to get the rig going. Before you buy this kind of complex rig though, you should at least understand how it can help you be more productive. For that, we’re going to tackle tasks piece by piece first.

1. Traders With Better Results

If you’re a trader, then you’re well aware of the practices that pros do to make better gains and to make successful trades. Be it in cryptocurrencies, stocks, or in IQ options, you’re going to want to make use of indicators, news reports, and other factors that will affect the price of the asset that you are trading with.

If you have a single screen setup, you’re going to have multiple tabs open to tracking your assets and indicators. What’s worse is that switching between tabs can actually slow down your computer. Unless you have a strong enough rig, your tabs are going to have errors all over them and you might trigger a forced closure.

Things will be different if you have a 6 monitor setup though. You wouldn’t need to check out and switch tabs as everything you need will be displayed on screen already. This is a good way to ensure that you are able to keep track of everything without having to switch tabs and risk error codes for your computer.

2. Gaming With More Possibilities

Multi screen setups have their benefits for gamers too. In fact, such setups can make gaming and streaming at the same time more possible. Let’s look at streamers. When streaming, they need to keep track of other things aside from the game they are playing which can be bothersome if you only have one screen.

Apart from their game, they also need to look at their social media feeds, their streaming platform, and many other things. Again, this is all possible in single screen setup but that doesn’t mean it’s comfortable. In fact, it’s very hard to do all of those tasks on a single screen. You risk putting your line of work and your computer at risk.

If we’re talking about productivity, then a gamer/streamer’s best friend is none other than a 6-monitor setup. They can greatly expand the number of things they can do with more than one screen. They’ll have smoother streams and bigger capabilities by doing what they do on multiple screens instead of one.

If you’re purely into gaming, then a multiple screen setup is still beneficial. If you’re playing a first-person game, for instance, your view of the game will be much wider than normal. This will give you a significant advantage over other players and will make it easier for you to score those kills.

3. Editing With Better Skill

Editors are some of the people that benefit most from a multi-screen setup. Can you imagine editing a huge video using a single screen only? It’s impractical and it makes things a lot harder for you as well. If you ask us, you can end up making a completely poor output if you are working on a single screen.

Professional editors and digital artists all use multiple screen setups to their advantage. It’s just easier to work using multiple screens because it allows you to work at your best without having to change tabs again and again.\As an editor, you can save a ton of time when working with a multi screen setup.

Whether you’re editing a video, a photo, or any piece of audio, having multiple screens to work with can greatly increase your efficiency. Believe it or not, you can become a better editor with such a setup as well. Are you really going to let the opportunity pass you by when you can actually unlock your full potential?

Before You Buy

Setting up a multiple screen setup is both complex and costly. Aside from the monitors, you also need to consider that you’re going to have a powerful PC to boot. Without a good PC, your multiple screen setup will be useless as it won’t be able to keep up with the power needed to work on multiple screens.

If you want to buy a good set of monitors for this plan, you might want to consider looking in the right places. Look for deals and special bargains so that you don’t lose an arm and a leg for this. You don’t have to go broke just to get multiple screens. Many stores offer amazing deals so just be very thorough and looking.

A 6 monitor setup might seem like overkill but trust us, it’s not. It can increase your productivity by a huge margin. Most importantly though, it can make things easier for you regardless of what tasks you do. If you have the time and budget to set one up, we highly suggest that you do so, so that you can enjoy your craft fully.

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