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3 Fun Photo-Op Ideas for Your Wedding Party

Although it’s always nice to have a classy and serious wedding: that doesn’t always suit every relationship or couple.  Instead, your pictures need to fit what the two of you mean to each other!

These are three fun photo-op ideas for any wedding party strays off the beaten path.

Why Wedding Photos Matter

Wedding photos are important because they can throw us back to the feeling and love we felt when we decided to get married.  As time goes on, these pictures will feel more and more valuable to you, like time capsules into what your life was like at that moment. 

Why not have fun with them?

1- Create Photos That are Fun Themes

Why not play with interesting themes to make your photos more fun?  This could mean recreating fun famous movie scenes, dressing up like Han Solo and Leia from Star Wars, or it could mean leaning into a Halloween theme and dressing up as Morticia and Gomez Addams for this photo set.

Think about what makes you two such an iconic couple and what would make people recognize you instantly as the people you are. 

2- Go Retro To Throw People Off

We’ve all seen the old 1980s wedding photos with the giant puffy sleeves, hair that goes on forever, and incredible eyeshadow: why not recreate that for your wedding party pictures?  This doesn’t have to be your bridal look but can instead be a celebration of the wedding beforehand where everyone dresses retro.  This will give your photos a hilarious look that will make them more memorable and fun when you get to show people.

3- Hire a Celebrity Impersonator

Hiring a celebrity impersonator like Jade Roberts can change everything about your pictures!  Not only does it show that you have a great sense of humor as a couple, but it also gives you the chance to create something fun for everyone involved in the pictures.

Go for a celebrity that you’re both interested in so that it’s a photo you’ll be able to laugh and have fun with together.  This could be classic like Sylvester Stallone or Elvis, or you can switch things up and go for a more modern celebrity like Beyonce to really throw people off!

How to Make The Process Smoother

The best way to ensure your wedding photos go off without a hitch is to plan ahead as much as possible.  This means planning the location, hiring the photographer, picking the outfit or dress if it’s not your wedding dress, and planning the themes as early as possible.  This needs to be taken as seriously as planning your wedding since these photos will live on forever as part of it! 

Planning ahead early also ensures that if anything goes wrong, you still have time to get things corrected or find a replacement before you’re out of time!

Wedding Photos Are Timeless Keepsakes

Everyone wants to remember their wedding and the time they got to spend celebrating their love with family and friends.  Don’t be afraid to have fun and make sure your photos are different and interesting while still showing that unconditional love! 

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