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Year after year, many foreign holidaymakers travel with their families to the shores of the azure sea in Turkey. The country’s excellent climate and environment, the well-equipped beaches, the healthy food, the welcoming attitude of the locals to visitors and, in especially, to children, make it an attractive destination for holidaymakers.

Recent year-on-year reports show that many people from abroad have started buying property for sale in Turkey and have decided to move to Turkey for permanent residence with their families. Such a move is a wise decision and should definitely be taken responsibly and carefully, taking into account every detail.

Parenting and childcare in Turkey

It should be noted at once that the approach to children in an eastern country is unique, since all the kids in Turkey – is the absolute spotlight for their relatives and people around them. Therefore, to begin with a decision to relocate to Turkey for permanent residence with children, it is worth to get familiar with the traditions and peculiarities of education of young citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

As an example, even in lower-middle-class families, try to give all the best for their kids, arrange them in a good school, in educational classes, buying the best toys and clothing. In Turkey children are given almost everything, and you will hardly find harsh discipline and communication in high tones in Turkish families. Speaking to children, parents try very carefully to tell them what is allowed and what is not and why. The great positive aspect of that attitude is that the kids grow up more self-confident and uninhibited, they turn into adolescents and later youth.  The general tendency in Turkish education can be described by two characteristics: attentiveness and flexibility.

So how do they behave towards foreigners’ children in Turkey? Exactly the same as they do with their own. After all, there are no strangers’ children, and the Turks prove this by taking care of every little one who happens to be near them.

Education in Turkey from A to Z

When it comes to the question of educating your kids, it is worth pointing out right away that Turkish education is represented by private and public pre-schools, schools, colleges, and universities.

No less important is the issue of how to get your children into school in Turkey and whether they can adapt to the new environment for themselves. The Republic of Turkey is a wonderful country not only for holidays, as well as for permanent residence for people of all ages. Access to excellent quality education will create a good future base for your children and a real chance of a more prestigious job, not only in Turkey, but also in other developed countries.

Since Turkey is a holiday country, kindergartens are fully suitable for children from abroad. All children, of any nationality or citizenship, are accepted into pre-schools. English-speaking kindergartens are available in cities such as Antalya, Alanya and Istanbul. However, it is much easier to get into a paid private kindergarten in Turkey than into a free public kindergarten, thanks to the large number of applicants.

Education at school is quite similar to European education. The age of children is 5-7 years old and the education lasts for 9 or 11-12 grades. In addition to both Turkish and English schools, there are private English-speaking schools in Alanya, Antalya and Istanbul, in which Turkish is taught as a foreign language. If your child already has a certain level of knowledge of the Turkish language, it is possible to assign them to a public Turkish school with a registration or residence permit. After the ninth grade, it is possible to enter colleges with an interesting and in-demand field of study, e.g. for further employment in the tourism industry.

There are both private and public universities in Turkey. You will find excellent skilled teaching staff, a strong academic base that is up to European standards, sophisticated motivation for students and a great educational environment which guarantees a high-quality education, quoted in many countries around the world and particularly in Europe and America. Major cities have international universities that attract thousands of international students from all over the world every year. In order to enter a university, you will need to undertake a course in the Turkish language and submit a certificate or bachelor’s diploma.

Experiencing adaptation in Turkey – talking about the Turkish language, the Mediterranean climate and Muslim traditions

One of the major benefits of the resort areas of Turkey, which are most commonly favoured by foreigners vacationing here, is the pleasant warm climate and clean air. To avoid severe children’s accidental adaptation, it is recommended to move in the autumn-winter period. Accommodation on the Mediterranean coast can promise 300 days of full sunshine a year, a prolonged swimming season and mild winters.

As temperatures and humidity rise gradually, fresh fruit and vegetables in your daily diet, and plenty of time for recreation, spring and summer will be comfortable and your immune system will be protected.

With respect to adapting to Muslim traditions, mentality and language environment, the most important thing for children is to start communicating in Turkish. It is easier to learn for small children than for older ones, although despite the strong differences to European languages, it is not a problem either if you want to. The sooner you do this, the sooner your child will start to make friends and socialise as a result of this, the faster they will adapt to their new environment and new country.

Residents of Turkish resorts and big cities are more democratic oriented Turks, who are very friendly, open-minded and sociable and inquisitive towards new acquaintances and neighbours, regardless of their religious faith or nationality. We recommend attending various public places and cultural activities with your children and making the acquaintance of Turkish citizens, and you will soon discover how quickly and harmlessly adaptation to society in the new country will progress.

Document list for family move to Turkey

While looking for a property for sale in Turkey, the foreign buyer and his family members are guaranteed a residence permit.

If you do decide to move to Turkey with your children under a residence permit, you should have the following documents at hand:

  • Passport and its officially legalised translation;
  • A birth certificate translated into Turkish;
  • TAPU;
  • healthcare insurance;
  • Proof of income with a sufficient monthly amount for the maintenance of all family members and its translation into Turkish.

Besides the standard list of documents, you will also need marriage certificates, school certificates and diplomas.

For divorced couples, make sure that the other parent has approved the children’s permission to travel abroad and to apply for a residence permit. It is strongly recommended to have all documents or their notarised copies apostilled.

What kind of property for sale in Turkey  to buy for a family with children

Before you decide to move to Turkey with your family, it’s a good idea to visit the country and live there for a while before you decide to move for sure. During this period, you can appreciate the pros and cons of living in Turkey, as well as the best place for living with children.  Many European citizens prefer, with some reason, to settle in popular cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya and its neighbourhoods.

After all, indeed, choosing the right property for sale in Turkey is one of the main decisions you will have to make when you are moving with children. Certainly, you can dream of a house on the beach, although in reality not all options are as convenient as they seem at first glance. And the price of such properties is generally higher. Moreover, when choosing a home, you should pay attention not only to the layout and price, as well as the quality of construction, sound-proofing and warmth-insulation. The more well-built the house, the more enjoyable it will be for the children, regardless of the season or weather.

Spacious apartments with renovations in a new residential complex close to the seaside are a very good option for those who want to move to Turkey with children. Such flats have a lot of benefits, including: the ability to move in immediately after the issue in your hands TAPU, closed territory, security and video surveillance, a variety of internal infrastructure of the complex ( swimming pools, water slides, children’s playgrounds, game rooms and much more).

Every flat in Turkey has a big balcony where families can have a lot of time to relax and play. If you have small children, think of additional security at once.  The same can be said for duplex flats with staircases.

Relocating to Turkey for permanent residence offers wonderful future opportunities and prospects for you and your children. Travelling around the world without any obstacles, finding a prestigious job or opening your own business, educating your children – in other words, living a full, high-quality life in a new and incredibly beautiful country.

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