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10 Tips + Benefits On How To Increase Deep Sleep

We all know that deep sleep is extremely important for our brains. It helps with memory, mood, and how well you can control emotions. But do you know what increases deep sleep? You guessed it: one of the most common ailments of the modern world- stress. Here are 10 tips to help with that to reduce stress levels.

1. Get Plenty Of Exercise- When you feel stressed out, try going for a run or playing some pickup basketball at the park.

2. Spend Time With Friends Or Family- You don’t necessarily need to go out for a night on the town for every social event, but try and get someone in your life to hang out with you as much as you possibly can.

3. Get More Sleep- If you’re already getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night, that’s great! But if not, try and increase your sleep time over a few weeks until you reach 8 hours to help reduce stress levels.

4. Go Outside And Take A Walk- Fresh air isn’t just healthy, it feels great. So take a nice, relaxing stroll around your neighborhood to help reduce stress levels.

5. Watch Sports- To some people this may seem like the worst way to combat stress, but for some crazy reason it can work. Perhaps it’s because you’re taking your mind off of what’s bothering you for a few hours, but either way if you’re stressed out try watching some sports on TV (preferably not too competitive).

6. Listen To Relaxing Music- Read the full article HERE on choosing music that helps you relax.

7. Take A Nap- Many people will try and use this as an excuse to sleep more and avoid things, but for some reason taking a quick 10-30 minute nap can really reduce stress levels.

8. Watch A Comedy- There’s nothing like laughing at other people’s mistakes to help get you over your own issues. So if you’re feeling stressed out, turn on some Comedy Central or check out a few YouTube videos.

9. Take A Hot Bath- As I’ve said before, having a warm bath can help you de-stress.

10. Meditate- This is easily one of the best ways to reduce stress levels in your life. Try meditating once or twice a day for at least 10 minutes to see immediate results!

11. Sleep On A Comfortable Mattress: You have to ensure that you always sleep on a comfortable mattress and always try to prevent mattres from sagging always to get proper sleep and stay healthy.

What Are The Stages Of Sleep?

Stage One

The sleep cycle begins at the stage when your body is getting comfortable. Many people feel slow, rolling eye movements, abrupt muscle spasms or jerks, or the sensation of falling. At this point it is possible to be awakened.

Stage Two

At this point the slow eye movements will cease and your heart rate will slow as well as your temperature begins to fall. Your muscles are also beginning to relax and contract as you fall more deeply into sleep.

Stage Three

The third stage is where deep sleep takes place. At this point in sleep the brain’s waves are slowed down, and they transform into delta waves, which makes it more difficult to get awake. This is vital because it’s a restorative part of sleep. It’s at this point that your body heals and grows tissues, improves the defense system and develops muscle and bone.

Stage Four

The final stage in sleep can be described as REM sleep, which is the deepest stage of sleep. During this period your brain gets more active and can help to form memories and experience vivid dreams. In this phase your heart rate, breathing rate as well as eye movements accelerate and your blood pressure is elevated. Also, for attaining deep sleep, you have to ensure that you are in your best sleeping position. 

What Are the Benefits of Deep Sleep?

  • Studies have shown that getting enough sleep helps the body to repair and grow. The deep sleep cycle can help you feel refreshed in the morning. Brain waves slow down and prepare for the next day. Your body needs a deep, restful sleep in order to repair and grow. There are various benefits to getting a good night’s sleep. Here are some of them. Listed below are the benefits of deep sleep.
  • Increased deep sleep time is beneficial for the body. Men spend a larger proportion of their sleep in this stage. However, deep sleep plays an important role in memory. When the body is resting, the hormone growth hormone is released. This hormone helps the body build new tissue and limit the damage done by normal wear and tear. Additionally, increased blood flow to the muscles helps the body’s processes.
  • A lack of deep sleep affects the brain. It’s important for the human brain to recover after a traumatic experience. People suffering from sleep deprivation or a lack of sleep can spend more time in the deepest part of sleep. Those with heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease may suffer from chronic issues with deep sleeping.

Why Is Deep Sleep Important?

For every human, a proper understanding what deep sleep is important as it is crucial to your overall well-being. It revitalizes your body, re-energises you and improves memory consolidation. It also boosts your immune system and increases blood flow throughout your body. It has been shown to improve your memory, so getting enough sleep each night is vital to your overall health. Read on to discover the importance of deep sleep and how to achieve it. 

Research shows that the human brain spends less time in deep sleep as we age, especially men. This decrease is due to the fact that deep sleep increases growth hormones, which promote the repair of damaged tissues. This increases the blood flow in the muscles, which makes deep sleep necessary for learning. When you awaken from deep sleep, your mental performance is severely impaired. Moreover, if you experience any type of sleeping disorder, you are likely to experience poorer performance.


As we have already discussed, deep sleep is essential for your health. It recharges your energy and lowers your blood pressure. It helps maintain a healthy immune system, by producing antibodies and other protective cells. It also repairs your body’s brain cells, resulting in a sharper mind upon waking up. If you’re not able to get enough sleep, you will experience a wide range of symptoms, including memory lapses.

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