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10 Basic Apps You Need for Your Android

As the most popular mobile platform in the world, Android has lots of different apps available to download. If you’ve just bought your first Android phone, you’ll probably have a lot of fun testing out its capabilities, downloading different apps, and customizing it to your liking.

Lots of people use Android – both for personal use and for work. TechQuarters, a company we spoke to who specialise in IT support services London businesses need, said their preferred platform is Android; and they see that a lot of their clients favour Android for company devices.

As it is such a versatile OS for both professional and personal use, we have compiled some great apps that you should download.

1. Nova Launcher

One of the greatest advantages of Android is how customizable it is. Unlike other mobile systems, you can completely change the user interface of your phone using launchers. Nova Launcher is one of the best you can get on Android – you can customize the home screen layout, app icons, label settings, and so much more. This is truly the way to customize your phone to your personal preferences starmusiq.

2. Dropbox

Of all the various Cloud file storage services out there, Dropbox continues to be one of the best. It works across Android, Windows, Web, Mac, and iOS, so you can be sure that your files will be accessible and in sync on every platform. In Android, you can automatically backup photos and videos to Dropbox.

3. VCL Player

You’ll definitely want to have a powerful media player app for your Android. Your phone will come with a default app for this, but VCL Player is a much better solution. VCL Player is well-known for being able to play virtually every audio, video, and image file format known to man. It is also incredibly feature-dense, so there is lots of explore.

4. SwiftKey

Again, your Android will have its own keyboard software installed when you purchase it, but SwiftKey is a fun and powerful alternative. This intelligent software learns the phrases and slang you type out frequently, so that it can provide more intelligent text predictions and autocorrections. Basically, it learns how you type to make typing easier in the future webtoon.

5. CamScanner

If you are at school and have lots of printouts from different classes, this app will be very useful to you. CamScanner allows you capture, crop, and enhance images of printed out documents, so that you can effectively digitize hard media. You can then convert your images into PDF and JPG files.

6. Pocket

The great thing about mobile apps is that it allows you to do all kinds of things on the go. Pocket is an example of this. It’s an app for curating articles and blogs from all over the web into a single feed. You can also save articles on the app; and it syncs across platforms, so if you have saved an article via the web app, you can access it via the app on your Android phone.

7. Plex

If you’ve read your fill of articles for the day, why not watch a movie, or a couple of episodes of a TV show on the go? Plex is the ideal media streaming app to have on your Android. The caveat to this is that you need to have the media in the form of a digital file on your computer. Once you have the app setup on your computer and on your Android, you can stream media from your computer onto your Android – no matter where you are, you’ll be able to stream the media to Android.


IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”, and it is an automation software for your Android phone. Automation is a great and fun capability to have, and can make tasks and processes easier. Basically, it allows you to define triggers, and actions between apps – so if this happens in one app, then that happens in another app. You can use this technology to integrate all the apps on your phone into a sophisticated, automated digital ecosystem.

9. Evernote

This app is widely regarded as the tunai4d ultimate note-taking application. Far exceeding the native note apps on most phones, Evernote offers in-depth organisation of notes into different notebooks and even organise the notebooks into different categories; and you can create custom tags to filter notes across all your notebooks. You can type out information, draw it out, attach images and links, and so much more. All of these features are for free, too. There is a premium version of the app that provides even more features.


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